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click loss

  1. B

    Click Overwites is it Real?

    Moving into affiliate marketing and working through the wiki page from affiliatefix. One major concern I have with starting is reading about Click Overwrites. From what I understand or read there seems to be ways once you have created your content and got people to click on your links, there is...
  2. bryan

    What is the reasonanble Click loss

    Hi All Senior, I need your advise is my click loss below are normal (for me, this click loss is TOO MUCH). Stats for 06/Sep/2016, campaign run @ Malaysia Traffic Source: PopAds, Total view = 22182 Tracker: Cpvlab (self hosted, VPS @ beyondhosting ), Total view...
  3. B

    Click Loss Issue

    it's a great opportunity for affiliatefixers to have such a big IMer like Attila here in this forum. without further ado this is my question: I was running pop campaigns with PropellerAds, but I surprised with the huge click loss number that I got from them, but till now I don't really know...
  4. J

    [Guide] Self Hosted v/s Cloud Hosted

    This is always a point of debate. Some people swear by self-hosting of their tracker. One of the main reasons is 'owning your data' and having greater privacy. A lot of affiliate marketers are cynical in this respect, even paranoid, but some have been burned before so this perspective may be...