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  1. L

    A product with 11% conversions rate. I got many hops but no conversions

    Hello, I launched my first google ads display campaign promoting a Clickbank offer with direct linking. I luckily I got the final website URL link that contains my affiliate id so I used direct linking in my campaign. All the hops was directly to the main offer landing page. I was having a good...
  2. Mo Shafik

    ClickMeter - ClickBank

    How can I add a ClickMeter S2S link to ClickBank?
  3. A

    How to attract Affiliates to Your Offer or Product?

    Hello All, I am starting a business that will be soon listed on Clickbank however what is the process of finding and gaining affiliates to join your company and help promote your product(s). In other words, where can I find affiliates located on other forums and what places should I promote my...
  4. A

    New Member - Introduction

    Hello, My name is Alex I am currently a college student in Los Angeles and I have been looking to learn more about affiliate marketing and in doing some research on places to start learning I stumbled upon AffiliateFix which I am excited to be apart of!
  5. A

    Beginning of Clickbank Journey through Facebook ads

    Hi Guys its been a while I've ran some good amount of paid traffic for others using Facebook ads for e-commerce and as an media Buyer for affiliate in solar and insurance domain i am moving to click bank and start my own affiliate marketing journey... Everything is done, all setup is done on...
  6. Alex Maxim

    How Can We Succeed On ClickBack As A Vendor?

    Hey there guys, I hope that this post finds you all in good spirits, and that you are in excellent health. We launched our study skills and productivity course (luxury physical product delivered by DHL Express) on two affiliate networks (ShareASale, clixGalore) at the end of 2019. We now have...
  7. logicalnerds

    Which one is better Clickbank or JVZoo?

    Okay, tell me which one will be better, in terms of faster account approval & good commision?
  8. C

    How I became a CB Affiliate

    For a while I was looking for ways to earn passive income online because I cannot physically work at the moment being a full time student. I followed steps on how to be a successful Clickbank Affiliate Marketer and so far this has worked for me! Honestly, it took me about a week to actually...
  9. Jeff H

    Best 3rd party provider for a professional services firm?

    Hi - I am launching a commercial lease review service and was hoping that some small business advice websites would be interested in being part of an affiliate program for my services. Any thoughts on the best provider to go with and how to approach the small biz websites? It is $300 to have...
  10. leadingdate

    Leading Date

    hello, we are a small company focused on dating and dating advice, our goal is to deliver the best dating websites and advice separated by country, any tip or collaboration to grow offer would be appreciated. our site leadingdate dot com
  11. Gianluca Muscolo


    What are the best methods to make money with ClickBank?
  12. Torrance Williams

    Hello Everyone 1st day of Aff fix

    Hello Everyone- My name is Torrance. Today is my first day. I currently focus on PPC traffic through various networks. Looking to move into Mobile traffic here very soon. I am looking to meet new people to share ideas, tips etc things of that nature. If anyone has any good converting...
  13. BlogsPopuli

    Which are your must-have for a perfect landing page?

    Hey FBQueen! Detailing my question a bit more i'm referring to: - Ratio text-images? Of course it depends on the niche, but an standard or opinion for yourself. - Number of links to the offer - Any recomendation of a good landing that you have seen to inspirate in? I think that my CTR is too...
  14. guidone1983

    Get Ex Back - Facebook

    Does anyone if Facebook permits the "How To Get Your Ex Back" click bank products? I am referring to paid advertising to a landing page (not direct linking). Thanks for the help!
  15. guidone1983

    My First Campaign

    Hello, Like many newbies I have spent way too much time reading forums & authority blogs and never took action. Recently, I signed up with Peerfly, MaxBounty and ClickBank. I also established a 50onRed and TrafficVance account. In terms of education, I completed a CPA course on Udemy. I am...