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call to action

  1. kaymeis

    Help With Call To Action

    Hi I have three Calls to Actions at the end of my blog posts: A download link for a free ebook, A sign up link for my newsletter, and a signup link for a forex platform that I promote on my blog. What I want to know is are these three calls too many for the readers to choose from? If so...
  2. xploit

    Looking for a recommendation...

    I'm looking to implement a call to action bar at the bottom of my website using something similar to hellobar - however looking for a free script that allows the user to close the bar or hide it (yet dont want bottom right hand corner of screen covered with the option to reopen the bar) Sounds...
  3. T J Tutor

    Can You See Where There Are Opportunities For Hooks, Triggers, and Calls to Action In This Video?

    Okay Newbies, you need to learn about angles, hooks, triggers, and call to action. Can you tell us what angles, hooks, triggers, and calls to action can be developed for use with a video like this? There are many, we should be able to see many opportunities with a video like this. Tell us...