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bulk email

  1. travissimons

    Question about SMTP email providers

    Hello I would like to clearify a doubt that I have about email marketing. I have a online business and I'm promoting it through email marketing campaigns. Until now I'm just using mailgun but I have not been successful so far because most emails go to spam. I ear good things about amazon ses...
  2. IAmUnstoppable

    I need an mailer solution

    I have 100k+ email addresses within a specific age, social status, region, even city, etc. My BIGGEST problem is, how the hell do I send it? I mean, I clearly don't have their consent to receive emails from me, but you know, I don't want to miss this opportunity. Are there any tools by which...
  3. hardiksoni

    Sending marketing emails

    What should be considered while sending marketing emails?
  4. hardiksoni

    Bulk email verification

    I have millions of emails. Before I send my first campaign, I need to remove the email entries which are not real. Can anyone suggest me some good provider who does offer bulk email verification?