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    Questions about blogs...

    I know it is bad to just copy and paste content (sometimes change few words) from other websites to mine and make it my blogs as it may do damage and leave negative impacts to my whole site, so I was trying to avoid this. But I find it hard to maintain a certain update period since I don't...
  2. jowel

    Looking to buy webmasters traffic

    Hello, we are interested in buy webmasters traffic from your blogs, resources, forums oriented for webmasters. We are interested in blog posts, hardlinks, campaigns, and more .. Are you interested? Write me PM.
  3. A

    Get paid for senting adults url

    Now here is a new option , get paid for senting urls, you get your credit when someone opens yours shrink adults url, Get your account now , you can add the url,s in your website ,blog ,social media etc , the adult url programe is new ,hurry , Follow the link Contact me
  4. A

    How much would you expect to pay a good copy writer online?

    As per question really. Obviously, it should be economy to get a copywriter online, but what would be a realistic price for someone that was good? I mean, perfect English....positively not spun content, researched etc. I have a few domains that I need to populate, varied from health to...
  5. Nirmalya Saha

    Why you should create a blog?

    Why you should create a blog?
  6. Nirmalya Saha

    How to Start

    I have a New Blog (Launching Yesterday)with 14 post, Want to start affiliate marketing. is this the right time? please need yours help about this..:)
  7. Nirmalya Saha

    Hello All

    Hi Everyone i am Nirmalya and i am a new blogger(Blog name is Bloggertrack). Its about Blogging and affiliate marketing. Need yours help dude!
  8. Performance Bay

    Exclusive/direct CPA high-ROI and CR-levels campaings PT,IT,BR,ES,BE (FR), BE(DU)

    Hello guys, we have some direct/exclusive CPA HIGH ROI AND CR-LEVELS campaigns and we are looking for HQ traffic networks and publishers to take good care of them, since they had more than30,000 conversions only the last month. If you have traffic in BR,PT,IT,BE (FR AND DU),ES- do not hesitate...
  9. A

    Repurposing blog posts into videos

    Hi blogger! I’m reaching out to you for a bit of help for my start-up First I’ll tell you what we’re doing. Vidooya allows bloggers (without any video production knowledge ) to turn their written content into engaging videos in 3 simple steps, by turning words into voice (TTS or...
  10. guyperl

    Hello, i am Guy Perl - Social Travel Blogger at TravelionX

    Hi Everyone, My name is Guy Perl and i am Travel Blogger on my own website: TravelionX I love to travel around the world and write posts on beautiful and interesting places. I have tested many Affiliate Networks on my website and on my social networks, and in my following posts on AffiliateFix...
  11. notoriouskrock

    Getting Blog Comments Approved?

    I can't remember, but I think I found a thread on affiliatefix about getting blog comments approved for backlinks? Anyway, My question is how do you get blog comments approved from niche related blogs and websites. I find niches by using footprints that allow you to type in your website name...
  12. Andy Barden

    My Journey from scratch (17.08.16)

    I have been a member for a short while and in the affiliate game for a number of years. My day job is heading up the Clickwork7 Network that until now has done very nicely being a very traditional affiliate network with traditional pubs and a good range of direct finance, survey, mobile and...
  13. Zion Ice

    Selling Premium Contents by Journalists - Stop Burning $$$

    Are you TIRED of writers who just can't seem to deliver on their promises? Are you TIRED of writers who constantly flake? Are you TIRED of writers who never respond to your messages—AFTER they've accepted your money? If you're ready to wake up and hire a writing team that genuinely cares about...