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    Ask Me Anything How to Scale Up Facebook Campaigns with Blackhat Offers in 2019

    How to Scale Up Facebook Campaigns with Blackhat Offers in 2019 Forget seeing other Facebook campaigns flop and learn the ins and outs of how to scale up Facebook campaigns with blackhat offers in 2019. Taking advantage of the limitless possibilities of the advertising platform of Facebook can...
  2. Tom - Version Two

    Black Hat Advertising vs White Hat Advertising

    Hey all, good to meet you all and looking forward to joining in with some discusions with people in a similar industry! Keen to find out everyones thoughts when comparing Black Hat Advertising compared to White Hat Advertising...My general thoughts in brief below, so keen to see what you guys...
  3. Idvert_Elaine

    Ask Me Anything FB spy tool – The Ultimate Solution for FB (Discounts Included!)

    ●Need new angles and creatives? ●Look for profitable black hat campaigns and related networks? ●Want to keep an eye on your competitors and learn from their marketing strategy? ●Have no idea for selecting niche and market? If you’ve ever met above problems, Idvert could definitely do you a...
  4. Make Money With CPA

    Anyone Can Help Me for This issue [Deceptive site ahead] [Attackers]

    Hello Guys! Anyone can help me for this issue [Deceptive site ahead] how to fix this issue this domain is redirected from another domain and my original domain is fine and both of domain is not index and not add in google webmaster tool if anyone know about it how to fix this issue so...
  5. Make Money With CPA

    i'm Struggling With Traffic - Anyone Can Help Me?

    Hello Everyone my English is not soo good i hope you guys understand me I'm struggling with traffic i need your help i need traffic methods right now i am using Black Hat Niches i am using some traffic methods but right now these methods are not working - not working for me i am used...
  6. wairdus

    Big Russian Journey into FB & Adwords

    Hi. Decided to start this follow along to make more disipline to my affiliate-work. First about me: I'm from Russia, 27yo, about 4 years in affiliate marketing, but my experience with Facebook just about 7000-8000$ total, principally Instagram ads (i dont know why, just think it's more easier...
  7. dinabrokoth

    Niche Sites Monetization with Adsense & Amazon Journey

    Hi fellow fixers! As I've previously stumbled upon a struggling with my offline life, I need to gain back into this online world. I am creating this journey to record and receive motivation from others if possible. Beside jumping into paid traffics, I will try to do SEO and gain organic...