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  1. S

    Selling Traffic Looking for Brands (Brokers) closing HQ crypto leads

    Selling Crypto/Binary/Forex Traffic HQ leads - Google Ads, FB, email, SEO, sms - for sell CPA NO SE DK UK NZ ZA SG RU PL IT DE ES LATAM NO in house platforms please
  2. S

    Looking for Constant FX/Binary CPA Leads

    Looking for company or someone who can provide on weekly bases(maybe daily) Forex or Binary leads. CPA of course. Let me know if you are selling - I'm down to any offers
  3. Mikhail.Trafxa

    Buying Traffic Looking for CPA Forex traffic

    Hello affiliates I am looking for affiliates who want to sell CPA traffic continuously. GEO: Asia, Europe, LATAM, GCC.
  4. B

    Facebook and Revcontent how to earn on CPL Forex

    Hello! This case is written by our webmaster! Used a bunch Revcontent and Facebook. Offer AvaTrade UK, Ava Trade CGC. We used such textual creatives as: Make money on the difference in the exchange rate. Find out how the girl earned her first million. Learn how to trade in the forex market with...
  5. Sanjeev

    Seeking Guidance for Affiliate Marketing

    Hi Folks, Good day to you! I am actively seeking the Guidance and knowledge from the active members on this portal to make a good career in the affiliate marketing.
  6. D

    Looking for CFD/Forex Traffic (Ex-Binary Traffic)

    Hello, Ow-Marketing is the Marketing department for 2 major websites leaders on the french market. We are fully regulated and in complete compliance with the latest laws and regulations. We have been the leaders on the French market for the past 5 years and constantly looking for traffic. We...
  7. S

    Looking for GOOD Binary Options or Forex Network

    Looking for good paying in time and white reputation BO or FX network. Used to work with Danish WeLoveLeads - very good.. Also tried Javandi.. Who can advise me some good mostly Nordics network to work with? CPA or CPL. Thanks!
  8. Betrulzz Group

    Gambling And Binary Traffic Sale on CPM!

    I Sale Adult Desktop and Mobile Traffic on CPM base what you will get ? you get CPL/CPA/CPI clients from CPM :) Yes my traffic convert well if you need that you can Buy test ( Prepay 1000$ Refundable on left balance ) Ping me on PM
  9. S

    Why you don't EARN with affiliate marketing

    I certainly can be wrong, but it's pointless to argue with statistics. Many people are earning money on affiliate marketing, but earn REALLY HUGE money on traffic can only few. Only 2% of affiliates collect all of the cream, while the rest do not sleep over the nights and wait for ridiculous...
  10. S

    Partnership Who is going to iFX EXPO Cyprus?? We have tons of traffic and own offers.

    Hey guys! Who is going to attend iFX EXPO 23th-25th May in Cyprus? Let's schedule a meeting. We have tons of binary and FX traffic and our own offers WW. PM
  11. S

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for Publishers to run our own GCC DE T1 Nordics offers (Forex/Binary)

    Hey guys! Looking for Publishers to run our own GCC DE T1 Nordics offers (Forex/Binary) PM
  12. FXORO Affiliates

    Looking For WEBMASTERS - Financial, Forex, Binary

    Dear Webmasters, FXORO has launched special promotional conditions for Webmasters who own websites with Financial, Forex or Binary content. For your attention FXORO is a licensed broker and our Affiliate Program offers up to $1,000 CPA per qualified trader. For more information you can...
  13. S

    5 ways to build a HIGHLY-ENGAGED E-MAIL list

    According to HubSpot, your email list degrades approximately 22.5% each year, so it’s a good idea to implement a regularly scheduled data cleansing program. Building and maintaining a healthy email list takes time and effort, but it should still take top priority. If you're running some online...
  14. Cpa Expert

    Looking For Offers about making money or binary options which pays for leads

    Hello, I have traffic for binary options or any other making money offers. I am ready to send traffic to them if the goal is registration or registration + deposit. If you have a good ready landings it would be perfect. Reach me.
  15. Alex_Chess

    Affiliates Wanted 450 CPA for binary options traffic

    Hey, guys! Lets try to catch the last train together! Btw, we are converting pretty well! Especially, SG, Nordics, ZA. And DACH countries. We own direct offers We work only with brokers on guaranteed % of closing Payout: 450 CPA, Net30, net 15 +we are making pre-sales, to convince the user to...
  16. Mike_Adpump

    I am looking for business contacts!

    Hello, my name is Mike! I have read many articles, posts here and i was amazed how useful affiliatefix forum is! Couple a words about me: I’m a traffic manager of Adpump Performance Network. We work with Gambling and Binary options verticals on CPA basis. I hope to meet here a lot of friends...
  17. S

    Offer Wanted BEST converting binary Landing Page

    Hello guys! This is my time to choose best offer. When you don't have an option to loose money, to which etwrok and offer are you guys going? Listened a lot of good reviews on DubaiLifestyle. Anything else on your mind? P.S. Dear networks, please stop bothering with GEOs and payouts. Main...
  18. evomarketplace

    Looking to Sell Stellar GCC CPL FOREX traffic

    Hey Y'all, We have a few direct GCC pubs, looking to match their traffic with a well put together CPL forex offer. If anyone has any insights or offers that come to mind, post here!
  19. J

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Julia and I'm an affiliate manager. I would love to make new business connections, and why not, friends. Feel free to message me. Cya! Julia
  20. S

    Network Wanted Direct traffic for binary/forex offers. Unlimited caps

    Networks with direct offers wanted. Traffic on CPL. PM