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  1. M

    (Traffic Junky) Bids question. NEWBIE

    Hi guys, i am new to (traffic junky). i have a question if someone can help me. is there any way i can have hourly reports of my campains (eCPM, CPC...) ? All i found is daily reports.
  2. Jed22

    Fastest Way To Test Ads, Landing Pages And Offers Without Burning Money?

    Hey Affiliatefix, I'm quite new to Affiliate Marketing. In the last few days I have been running adult campaigns and while I have had some conversions, I'm still far from being profitable... For anyone in the adult space, I wanted to get your opinion for what is the best way to test Ads and...
  3. R

    Outbrain CTR & Bidding Question

    Hey everyone, So I just started a new campaign on Outbrain using VoluumDSP and started out bidding a bit too low for CPM I think on a $50/budget on "Smooth." My CPM bid was 0.53 to start in a suggested bid range of 0.23-1.53. My Win Rate after a day's worth of spend was 34%. I got 303,000...
  4. brutebiz

    BEST Optimization for Pop Traffic Placements (PropellerAds)

    Hi all smart marketers! I'm new here, and this is my first thread! I'm running a campaign on PropellerAds and I'm sorting out all the bad placements with the strategy of blacklisting a Zone ID ones it has spent 1x offer payout (I'm on a tight budget). I have seen some good converting...
  5. evik

    Facebook Ads suggested CPC bid - 14$ !

    The geo I'm targeting is Australia. How can this be? are there any affiliates that are paying 14$ for a click??