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  1. MsSkeptical

    need help getting started pls

    hi ok so im dumb af when it comes to technical stuff. i tried my hand at affiliate marketing fairly recently and i'm sucking at it big time. i need help im wasting money at ads lmao idk ahhh Okay, composure. Sorry for that mini-rant. Heres the rational perspective of my problem: I've read...
  2. DylanGordon

    3 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

    Hey everybody, here's an article pointing out affiliate marketing mistakes that are common in beginners. 1. Not providing value up-front I see a lot of affiliates pushing a course, software, or product with little to no value up-front. Instead of helping the customer "Like, Know, and Trust"...
  3. Lomash Kumar

    Clickbank For Beginners 2019 | (FOR PEOPLE WHO COMPLETELY BROKE)

    Clickbank For Beginners 2019 | (FOR PEOPLE WHO COMPLETELY BROKE)
  4. S

    5 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Beginners Make Without Even Knowing It

    If you are new to affiliate marketing, or have been at it for a while, and you just can’t seem to get the results you want chances are you’re making one or more of these 5 common affiliate marketing mistakes you have to avoid. The first and most common mistake I see beginner affiliate marketers...
  5. P

    Hello! I'm new to Affiliate/CPA Marketing. Here is my Ride along.

    Day 5: I realize I get the general theory behind Affiliate and CPA Marketing, but I don't really know what to do. That being said, I've got to learn through action so I'll keep moving forward. So far, I've taken three action steps. First I applied to AD Combo and I got approved. It's kind of...
  6. U

    My thorny path in the affiliate universe :)

    Hey guys! My name's Yaroslav, I'm 21. I'm from Ukraine. I want to try my hand as an affiliate. At start, I'd like to try work with adult and dating verticals. And also in the future I'd like to work with mobile apps. I just registered in a few CPAs and waiting for verefication myself :) But...
  7. T

    Hello AffiliateFix world

    Hi everyone, I'm excited to be a part of this forum and thrilled to start building new relationships as well as successful affiliate campaigns. Hopefully I can get to network/mastermind with some of you guys. For now, time to expand my learning curve and continue to take action. Please follow...
  8. Zaoul


    My name is Zaoul Qamar and I feel grateful for being landed on this website . I want to learn affiliate marketing so , let me know how can I get started . Thanks
  9. Anna2017

    From teacher to Affiliate Marketing

    Dear AffiliateFixers :affiliatefix::affiliatefix::affiliatefix: I was teacher in the past :p:p:p and now I tried to explain simply and comprehensible the "Afiliate Marketing Base" Examples of Offers: I would be happy to see your opinions, share your thougts with me Anastasia
  10. daniel chrish

    Thank you for the warm Welcome........

    This is daniel chrish from india i love affiliate marketing.... i believe affiliatefix is the wonderful resource for affiliate marketing..... Am just a beginner please help me guys.... thank you
  11. ameerzad

    How Long It Takes To Startup A Tech Affiliate Site??

    Hello I'm kinda new in this affiliate marketing field. But I'm a tech guy, doing web design and dev for 5+yrs I'd like to understand a breakdown of the above Question I've asked -- How Long It Takes To Startup A Tech Affiliate Site?? If I startup a Wordpress help and guide site, will I be able...