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  1. williamrs

    Complete Guide For Affiliates On How To Deal With Facebook Ad Account Bans

    Disclaimer The goal of this guide is to show you how to keep a healthy Facebook ad account. The information you'll find in the next pages has come from years of experience as an advertiser on Facebook as well as working with other internet marketers and digital agencies on their Facebook...
  2. thehustler

    FB keeps banning me from joining and posting in groups

    Hi, this is own personal FB account for many years and just a week ago FB temp banned me from joining and posting in groups. The ban was lifted yesterday and today I joined 3 groups back to back and posted and shared a link and I got temp banned again until 9th May. The link was NOT an affiliate...
  3. chervenkov

    New google rules

    Hello guys, i cant find thread about new google rules, so let's discuss here: An update on Better Ads  |  Web  |  Google Developers Some of the big traffic seller already start to change their approval rules about the banners. Here there is a lot of experienced guys from me and im...
  4. scroogefrog

    FREE MGid module

    MGID WITH AUTOBAN !FREE! Make free registartion on our website. Choose from services module MGID with autoban and you will recieve datail analyze of your traffic with free autoban ofbots/frauds/fake clicks and etc. We identifies a user by more than 20 features regardless of whether he changed...
  5. Crisvendetta

    Instagram automation, phone verification

    I have been automaitng my instagram accounts with followliker, I had my occasional profile bans now and then which is normal. The problem now is that many accounts are asking for phone verification, I payed to verify the accounts but the problem persists each day. Has anyone encountered this...