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  1. MikeyNG

    Selling Aweber Yearly Subscription

    I’m selling my Aweber account with yearly subscription for half the price. pm if you’re interested
  2. D

    Funnel with Rotating offers and sending the right follow up messages

    Hi All, Planning a funnel with Aweber as the autoresoponder like so: Landing/subscribe-page --> successful subscription --> Rotator --> will show either one of product A, B or C as the "custom URL". If product A is shown, I would like to trigger email follow-up series A (or campaign A), and...
  3. PatrickAWeber

    Email marketing Partner...Patrick from AWeber

    Hi Everyone, My name is Patrick and I have been in the performance marketing space for 10 years, and the last 3 within the email marketing space directly with AWeber. I work directly with marketers, lead generation companies, and affiliate marketers who value email partners for their growing...
  4. The Lone Wolf

    Any Aweber VETS? Got a question

    So i just got into Aweber, frustrating process for the first time! I'm now at the "new list setup" but now I see the body contains: ----------------------------------------------------------- CONFIRM BY VISITING THE LINK BELOW: Click the link above to give...
  5. The Lone Wolf

    So, what kind of adress to fill in at aweber?

    Just signed up with Aweber and now I read due to this CAN-SPAM Act they need my address at the bottom of a mail. As I live in Europe and my main focus is USA, CA, AUS and NZ targeted people I feel like when they see my address people might not want to click or respond to my email offer?
  6. The Mad French

    What are the alternative choices to Infusionsoft ?

    Hi everyone, I was recently looking at Infusionsoft and his awesome possibilities. I currently use Mailchimp and feel restrained whenever I want to go deeper. So, since I can't afford the huge prices of IS, I wanted to know if there was out there alternative choices much cheaper that allow us...