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  1. WildWildLeads

    Why it's worth to provide in event-based betting applications

    "Why provide on anything else when there is betting?" - this is the belief of many traffic arbitrage experts. With you is the WWApps team, and today we will delve into how applications designed for sports events influence conversion rates and make bets even more profitable. The thrill and...

    Ask Me Anything CPI: why all TOP affiliates are working with it

    As we love networking (as so do our dear affiliates) we’ve learned that (1) verticals and brands aspire to become more white-hat and thus (2) affiliate marketers are looking for other interesting verticals with great revenue. While working with gambling is great and brings profit to those...
  3. Jorge Garza

    Offer Wanted Looking for offers to promote on art forum (like deviantart)

    The website is still to be launched, but we want offers to promote on banners only, we are interested on CPA, CPL, PPI. The website will allow NSFW art so hentai programs are ok. We are planning to separate the offer depending on the art type (adult offers will show only on NSFW entries) The...
  4. Advertalb

    Want Affiliate for Work Us?

    Hi, Guys we are an affiliate network with dating offers, live cams, gey dating, apps, mainstream, adult game. Join Now
  5. A

    Hello Fellow affiliate marketer. I am Samuel am a new member on this platform

    I will like to know guys which app his the best for social media marketing. Your answers will really helpful
  6. K

    11 of the Best Apps For Consultants To Help Grow Your Business

    1. 2. Proposify 3. Hubstaff 4. Focus Booster 5. Mavenlink 6. Evernote 7. Xero 8. GetResponse 9. Brand24
  7. K

    Top 10 Android Apps for Businesses [2019]

    1.Basecamp 2. Cloud Print 3. Invoice2go Pro 4. Slack 5. Evernote 6. Todoist 7. Google Drive 8. Square Register 9. Google Hangouts or Skype 10. Tax Code and Regs - Touch Tax Courtesy: outsource2india
  8. Sharon Cm

    Next Generation push notification for apps

    What is the best push notification for apps that you working with. I'm looking for the next generation push notification system, that has all relevant and up to date features. include segmentation and automation. Share your favorite and samples of its work. Thank you
  9. MarinaKimia

    Meet Up 5pm is the happiest hour @ Dmexco!

    Meet @Kazza Kimia in Dmexco at our Happy Hour drinks booth 030A Its been quite a morning, but dont stop just yet! These days will fly by! Take the opportunity to chat with our TOP business colleagues on CPA, CPI, CPL ... market trends... new up and coming tech... all things related to online...
  10. MarinaKimia

    Announcement App Developers! New SDK launched.

    Kimia announces the launch of the new brand dedicated to app developers "The Cactus Road". A digital marketing agency focused on bringing together premium publishers and advertisers in a global marketplace. The company is founded and engineered by industry veterans from a premium online...
  11. V

    What really matters for publishers when choosing how and who to monetize their traffic with?

    Hi Guys, We recently launched our self-serve platform that enables publishers to monetize their site's / app's inventory through high quality video ads and were wondering what really matters for you when choosing how and who to monetize your traffic with? It would be great to hear what you think...
  12. Walid Chaki

    If you have woked with mobidea before , plz help me

    Hey guys hope you well I want start promoting Mobidea network offers by paid traffic And I dont know whoch traffick source I should work with ? Facebook ads or any mobile traffic sources pls guys help , still newbie
  13. shakurullah

    I want a website which will comes with an application

    l want to know if is possible I want a website which will comes with an application ....... The whole thing will be like iTunes......I need it to sell some footages. ...there. And is going to be a phone app It goes with account Footages will be bought with mobile money before download And...
  14. Nazmul Islam

    Looking for best CPI traffics sources

    Hello, I'm looking for some great CPI traffics sources for incent and non incent both category and fraud free guaranteed source.
  15. Gabor Vasas

    Buying Traffic Traffic for Mobile Content Offers

    Hi I'm Gabor, Partner Manager at Greenlight Media, CPA network with direct advertiser relations in the mobile content sphere. We’re looking for quality mobile traffic to promote our campaigns. GEOs: AT, DE, UK, PL, GH, IT, KE, ZA, some WW offers also. ALL MEDIA TYPES ALLOWED for most of our...
  16. Steliyan Ivanov

    Mybestlick Mobi is looking for new publishers!

    Hi everyone, I am Steliyan Ivanov from Mybestclick Mobi and I am Account Manager here. I am looking for CPA / CPI mobile traffic sources for our Android and iOS apps. Please let me know if you provide mobile traffic! Skype: steliyan.mybestclick
  17. toledotoledo

    Hi folks! Greetings from Adzol Media, and myself

    Hi AffiliateFix community, Been lurking for a while, thought it would be time to get into it and be an active member! I'm here both as representative of Adzol Media, as well as by my own accord. Been working with mobile app markets and platform development for a long while now, so I'll be...