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  1. John Stuart

    Official #Introduction - Offerglobe Premium Pay Pey Call Network is Pay per call affiliate network which offers publishers limitless opportunities for new lead generation via Pay per call and high-growth revenue streams from mobile that are unmatched. Top performing verticals - Home services, Travel, Legal, And Insurance Our network includes...
  2. P

    Good affiliate networks?

    Hello affiliate amigos! We just released a newly improved affiliate program over at Plantsome. We only ship in Canada and want to keep our current platform, goaffpro. There are so many options for affiliate management programs, but we are only looking for a network to connect with Canadian...
  3. ralphmao

    Hello Beautiful People

    Hi, I am Ralph from adMobo Inc. Delighted to be a part of this wonderful forum. Feel free to reach out to me for anything Have a good one guys!!
  4. stone1233

    Looking For i am looking to buy an affiliate network,

    if you are currently having an affiliate network and want to sell please pm or reply me! thanks a lot
  5. GuruMedia

    Affiliates Wanted GuruMedia Ltd | CPS Affiliate Network | 2500+ Offers, All Geo's|Convert 4% more than anywhere else

    GuruMedia is the exclusive CPS affiliate network with better payouts, weekly payments, and more offers. Whether you're a super-affiliate or it's your first year in online marketing, you will automatically enjoy a 5-star personal approach. Unlike most affiliate networks that give the VIP...
  6. 100jan

    Affiliates Wanted ClicksCrowd - The #1 Exclusive Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Network - Start Getting Paid Per Click

    ClicksCrowd is the only platform in the world that enables any affiliate, with any traffic source to get paid per clicks. We provide you high quality pre-tested landing pages, attractive offers and a unique pay-per-click payment system so you could monetize your traffic with ease. ClicksCrowd...
  7. coolspot19

    Getting Listed On An Affiliate Network

    I know there are a ton of affiliate networks on AF, and this seems to be something that isnt really covered anywhere on the internet so I think it could be a useful resource. Can any of the Affiliate networks let us know the steps to get an e-commerce site listed on your platform, steps to get...
  8. A

    For Newbie --> Niche , Affiliate Network, Traffic Source

    I have 15+ years of IT Networking experience , but zero in affiliate marketing/web design etc. I am 42 years old and I am from India. I have left my job and now want to make full time affiliate marketing. Target is to make 5000 $ / month in next 6 months. I am ready to put 6 hours per day for...
  9. Alex33

    Network Wanted Affiliate network suitable for Forex, Cfds, Binary options and Crypto

    Hi guys, Do you maybe know some good affiliate network that is suitable for Forex, Cfds, Binary options and Crypto? If yes I would like to hear your experiences as well. Let me know and thanks Cheers and Happy Weekend! :)
  10. biggico


    Just want to say hello to all affiliatefix community! I'm glad to represent Biggico and I hope to find people who are interested in crypto affiliate network! :) I think I can find a lot of interesting information here and inform affiliatefix community about Biggico :)
  11. Alex_Chess

    Buying Leads 250k $$ budget for binary leads

    Guys, i ve got 250K budget to buy leads. I gotta find 2 aff`s, that we are gonna work with. One i ve already found. Gotta close the second. Feel free to discuss. We can accept unlimited amount of leads. Vertical: Binary options Geo`s: ZA, SG, MY, LATAM, DACH, some of Tier1 Payout: prepay...
  12. Martyna Wojcik

    Looking gor a CPA traffic

    Hello I'm Martyna and I'm representing a Roi.Boutique Affiliate Network. We are looking for a new affiliates and affiliate networks that we could cooperate with and we are also working on expanding our scope of cooperation. At the moment we are looking for a traffic for a "1st-tier" countries...
  13. Helen Wingoads

    Announcement Deposit funds Min 25$ and as a bonus upon registration we provide 25$

    Wingoads mobile Ad Network. We offer supply and demand for mobile inventory. Please sign up at We are looking for exclusive campaigns - this means campaigns that you OWN or that you are the exclusive agency. We can drive really big volumes.
  14. T

    Affiliate marketing networks business model

    Hi!! Does anybody know exactly what is the break down of the business model of an affiliate marketing network like Zanox, Tradedoubler or Aklamio(this is a cashback) to name few? Besides what is given back to publishers (or users for cashback) what is the commission per sale they take for...
  15. Leadbit

    Let me introduce myself and pour yourself a drink... because...

    Hi there! Here comes Leadbit, a greatest International Affiliate Network. Really nice to meet all of you here. I done like the long introductions because its boring... I can only say that we use CPA standart and that Leadbit is a special affiliate cocktail that contains some cool ingredients...
  16. CashflowChase

    My Affiliate Network Set Up.

    I've been following the requirements to start up in affiliate network. I rather start with mobile affiliate networking. 1. Got Accepted into MoreNiche, CheetahMediaLink(Mobile),Paydot 2. Bought a Domain at for dirtcheap might not be the best for getting a domain name. I can register...
  17. Offerit-John

    Who runs their own Offer Network?

    Hello All, Looking around I see a lot of affiliates on here and this has caused me to wonder... Do any of you here run your own network or are thinking about it? If so, what are your biggest concerns and what types of features get you excited when it comes to performance marketing...
  18. Offerit-John

    Looking For Affiliate Networks or E-commerce Retailers to Demo Offerit platform

    Hi Folks, I wanted to drop in and provide a bit of information on our Affiliate Marketing SaaS Platform, Offerit. The technology behind the Offerit platform has been in use within the affiliate tracking industry for over 10 years. Offerit was developed during 2011 to bring this technology a...