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  1. Sugarbook

    Seeking Help Which Affordable Affiliate Management is Recommended to Run an Affiliate Marketing Program?

    Hi Affiliate Managers, I wanted to ask for your expert guidance and opinion on which affiliate management system software you guys swear by when it comes to running your own in-house offer. I currently use software that I don't want to disclose. Their customer service is pretty bad, and the...
  2. John Peterson19

    Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

    Hello There My Name Is John Peterson And I Am a Professional Affiliate Marketing Bussines Manager. If you want to start successfully with your Affiliate Marketing bussines, you can always ask me how to start your bussines, where and why.
  3. Hozefa Tijoriwala

    Hello AffiliateFix Members from Comfort Click

    Hello All, I have just joined and really excited to understand how this forum works. My name is Hozefa and i am an Affiliate Manager @ Comfort Click Ltd (United Kingdom). I love to communicate, share ideas, learn and grow with Affiliate Marketers. I am really Happy to be the part of this...
  4. S

    Affiliate Network - Do I Need One?

    The affiliate has an option. They can either work with numerous merchants, or they can deal with an affiliate network. Why should a marketer want to work with an Affiliate Network? I remember a pal informed me a story some time back. He had actually built a small website and had actually signed...
  5. Yaro

    Yaro here

    Hey Everyone! My name is Yaro and I've actually been in affiliate marketing for 4+ years, just as an affiliate manager. I'm looking to make a shift into this more of an "on-hand" experience to have a better financial grounding - and be a better marketer overall. If you have any questions, that...
  6. A

    What affiliate management programs are you using for in-house program?

    Hi, I'm wondering what do you use as an affiliate management softwares/tool for your in-house affiliate programs? What are your experiences with those softwares? We use Post Affiliate Pro (plugged to our WHMCS) for the moment. I'm getting used to it. I'm wondering is there something better...
  7. simonbrep

    Selling Leads Get Affiliates Leads DAILY!

    Access your unique Daily Publishers/Affiliates Leads by customizsing with 20 Keywords Relevant to your Vertical at time of order. DailyAffiliates Data Feeds take pride on how clean and clear our data is. For starters we make sure that all data you will access to has been cleaned by...
  8. K

    FTC Compliance for non-US Affiliate Programs

    Hi, I would just like to clarify if for Affiliate Programs that are non-US based are they still required to comply with FTC's guidelines for affiliate marketing? For example, we are an AU business and planning on launching an affiliate program first to AU affiliates, should we still comply with...
  9. Lilian

    Affiliate Focus

    To all Affiliate Marketers in the Middle East مرحبا، من فضلك قم بهذا الاستطلاع للرأي تركيز الافيلييت
  10. Jennifer Weston

    How's your affiliate program management?

    Hey,guy, nothing important, just wonder how's your affiliate program management, I found the active affiliate are very less which but still odd affiliates are hard-working. great thanks for them. How about you? From jennifer
  11. Iakovos

    Affiliate Tracking Software

    Hi, i have a membership education business on affiliate marketing and i want to build my own affiliate program. I have a small group of affiliates now (30 teammates) and i want to grow up to 300. So i want a good affiliate tracking software but something affortable because of the small group of...
  12. Lucas Anguita

    How did you start your affiliate program?

    Im starting in the field of affiliate marketing and i can't stop ask to myself, why someone who have important traffic in their blog/web site would be part of an affiliate program? I mean, push to buy your audience (affiliate method) is harder than do PPV. Give me serious reason to help your...
  13. C

    Affiliate Networks Worth Joining | Is ClickBank overrated?

    Hey guys, so we've recently posted a forex niche online trading course targeted at newbie traders out there. Now I'm not saying ClickBank is overrated but I've realised that you have to create your own affiliate tools which we did (besides banners so far) the problem is that we wanted an...
  14. OSHI

    Hello everyone!

    I am Denis. I work as affiliate manager in software development company called OSHI Software. Our main product is antimalware service based on cloud architecture. I am here to find new affiliates and provide them with all updates and news regarding our affiliate program. Obviously, I am glad to...
  15. Alex_Chess

    BOAelite - be in the money

    Currently, BOAelite is the biggest affiliate network in the binary options vertical. We get traffic from all over the world, for all GEOs. We are integrated via ONLY API technology to more than 80 different brokers using 7 different binary options platforms! This is just amazing! We are very...
  16. Nofar Wegman | Mappstreet

    Affiliate account manager

    Affiliate Account Manager in a performance based online marketing network that focus on mobile content (web and wap) email submits offers and installs. (CPA, CPL, CPI)