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  1. Aurra

    Official Hello from Surfshark!

    Hey guys! I am Aureja from Surfshark, and I'm quite new to this channel. If you have found any posts or threads that would be interesting and beneficial for the VPN affiliate marketing manager - let me know! If anyone has a question about affiliate marketing, don't hesitate to ask, I think I...
  2. YamiLeads

    Looking for new traffic partners!

    YamiLeads is looking for traffic! :D CPA, CPL We have offers in the following verticals: Dating, Crypto, Casino, Sweeps, VOD - WW Geos. Crypto and Casino - direct, with best brokers. We are on a shorthand with Dating adverts and can find you the best deal ;) Traffic sources: social, native...
  3. FinBet

    Why become a FinBet Affiliate?

    ✨It is a simplistic product ✨It has great conversion rates = more profit for affiliates ✨FinBet has a high profit margin ✨RevShare like no other- starting at 50% (for the first month) Sign up today using this link -> <- and start your profitable journey today!
  4. AdShaped

    Hi there. We are from AdShaped. We are new here.

    AdShaped is a Global Media Agency that provides - top performing advertising offers from one side and real-time tracking, - highest payouts, - scheduled payments, - 24/7 professional support from another side. AdShaped is looking for affiliates with HQ Traffic! We have hundreds of...
  5. MartinBiswas70

    Ask Me Anything Affiliate wanted

    I need expert active affiliate for work with me.. Left 3 days
  6. M

    Email Marketing

    Pls suggest two or three courses to learn email marketing which include strategy,copywriting etc.
  7. A

    Hi All I am new to this site

    I would like first all to greet everyone for welcoming me here in this platform i am looking for way to earn extra income from the comfort of my home i tried several affliate website but dont how to attract the consumers and post.
  8. Moonshot


    Excited about being involved with I'm an internet marketer and I am all about imagination and endeavour. Hoping to make some great contacts and share experiences.
  9. Idvert

    Attention!! Advertisers and Affiliates!

    ---Advertisers/Developers--- Idvert Group Ltd. is an Internet marketing and big data solutions Company with 7 years of successful operational experience as an affiliate network, headquartered in China. We are currently looking for advertisers to cooperate via API/S2S, CPI- for both Android and...
  10. Moon Jee

    Entering the Affilaite Marketing !

    Hey Folks , This is Moon , em working in digital marketing for more than 5 years. Finally i want to dive into the affiliate marketing especially PPCall. Your guidelines , tips always welcome . Cheers !
  11. ScarlettApp

    Hi, It's Diego

    Hi everyone, my name is Diego, I'm new to this forum, I hope to know many affiliates. I'm gonna talk a few about me: I work with a company who's dedicated to design a tool (cloaker) we are focused on automation, I'm gonna leave my skypename: live:diego_12965 so let's chat :)

    Video Chat App Looking for Traffic

    Video Chat App, looking for Adult/Cam Traffic, if you're interested, reply with specification of payment and others. I've tried to put ads on pornhub mobile sites, but didn't get much registration as I expect, so I'd like to try affiliate atm : ) Any suggestion are very welcomed!
  13. K

    Affiliates Wanted Searching for affiliates

    Hey guys! I am looking for affiliates for an affiliate network -, a well established one, working on the CPA model. Our offers are adult dating ones, they are over 12.000, for many different countries. The payments are on weekly basis, with 50$ minimum and can be transferred...
  14. I

    Any FREE affiliate program for promoting my products?

    Hi, I have some products in a website and I want to hire affiliates for that. I contacted clickbank and they say that in order to hire affiliates for my product, I first have to get a site and get a thank you page and pay like 49$ to clickbank. But as of now, I am a struggler in online and...
  15. K

    Wonderful journey

    Hello, I have been learning about affiliate marketing for the last two month and it's been a great journey. I have lots to learn about many things on affiliate marketing but I think I got most of the things. Right now this is my part time job however if I become geek this may become my full time...
  16. NetCrafter$


    I'm new here, but not in the online marketing ;) I started online activity (full time) 1 year ago, while before it was just a hobby as I was intrigued by this magical world :D When I started to make a money from BizOps offers (~$300 per day), I decided to leave my "day-job" and become a 100%...