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  1. parveenk2013

    Problem with scaling Adult Dating DOI offers, Looking for advices.

    Hello everyone. I want to share my journey with adult CPA campaigns and what issues I'm facing now. After 2 years of break from any online business, I started working in Jan 2021 (tried a few campaigns in between but wasn't consistent with them). I had promoted some cpa offers in past as well...
  2. S

    adult cpa for beginners

    hey guys i have arround 400dollars , i signed with crackrevenue and got approved all i want to know what source should i start with , is it buying banners from like trafficfactory or to use pushads in-page with smartlink thanks,
  3. S

    crackrevenue with bemob tracker

    hey guys can anyone help me on how to setup crackrevenue with bemob and in landing page , i searched in youtube , google , i couldnt find anything thanks
  4. emonalam

    Where should I buy traffic for adult offers With SmartCPA?

    Actually I want to know about adult SmartCPA networks. Are there any add network which have SmartCPA option for adult advertising? Please reply with details or just submit the list of networks.
  5. Tucker609

    Network Wanted Need Adult CPA Network (Cam Offers)-CPL / PPL who pays weekly !

    I am looking for a network which has adult webcam PPL/CPL offers and pays weekly and supports Tier 1 traffic . I will be really grateful . Payout threshold should be 100$
  6. chriscxmpo

    EroAdvertising Review

    Hello. I can't find any good reviews about promoting your offer on EroAdvertising. Is it newbie friendly? I'm a new to CPA marketing and I've heard that their minimum deposit is $10 is quite what I can risk (for now). Any take? Did you get any success as advertising in EroAdvertising? Thank you.

    Ask Me Anything Quality Dating $50 trial iFrame PPT and SOI PPL Offer Live....

    Hey Great News for Dating affiliate We have some Quality Dating iFrame PPT and PPL offer Weekly Payout . Minimum $100 only... We accept All kind of Valid Traffic talk with skype : mmccashapproved
  8. Pranto


    1) Find your favorite mobile PAY PER SELL (PPS) adult offer. It can be either dating or web cams offer. Personally I use as they're my favorite top paying adult affiliate network. Why only PAY PER SELL (PPS)? This method will contain low quality traffic in general so you would get complaints...
  9. Artjom

    Looking for good affiliates, to promote Adult / Dating - Smartlink offers.

    Hey everybody! My name is Artjom I`am affiliate manager at MobitEasy. I'm looking for good affiliates, to promote our best Adult / Dating - Smartlink offers, targeted for all world's geos and devices, the smartlink offers are so generous and smart, as it redirect automatically to an offer...