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adult campagin

  1. Pranto

    Buying Traffic Need Adult CPA traffic source Help from Pro

    Hello, I'm an adult cpa marketer .now I'm using craiglist traffics to my pps iFrame offers.I do email marketing using craiglist w4m leads.But I want to move from this traffics SO, is there any one who can help me for traffics ?like media buy, or make adult blogs ?Just need a proper guide for...
  2. F

    Network Wanted Looking for adult affiliate network

    Any affiliate that accepts clean chat traffic for adult dating or casual dating offers? Thanks.
  3. carl sex35

    This website is reliable?

    Hello everyone , I'm new , and I have a question about the marketing of an adult site . I found a site that charges $ 100 to make marketing your site for one year. I think it's very cheap you believe to be reliable?? url 's allowed to put other sites here? so that they can see. the package...
  4. hamid

    CTR On Banner`s

    Hey Guyz I am promoting adults ads on traffichaus . i think i am getting very low CTR on my banners . have a look . how much ctr are you guyz gets on your banners ?
  5. A

    ADJOMO helps to earn more with WW mobile traffic!

    Hello all members of Affiliatefix! We have been working for years in mobile marketing industry and hope we can share our expertise to all members of the community. It is great to be at the place full of enthusiastic and dedicated people with similar goals and shared interests. Good luck to...
  6. anandbernard

    Suggest the best adult affiliate network?

    What's the best adult affiliate network to promote CPA campaigns.
  7. mouyanali

    My First Experience With Pop Up Ads

    Hay Every One i am almost new in CPA , first time i advertise my CPA offer (crakrevenue, Adult) offers with Pop Up Ads and it's success fully for me. Invest : 3$ In return i got 4.63$
  8. Asare

    Adultmoda traffic

    Hi, I have recently started buying traffic on Adultmoda, however it seems that their redirect traffic hasnt at all worked for me (same as Admoda where I also buy traffic). Has anyone else had the same issues? I do not know that their Banners traffic has been working ok for me, but I always...
  9. C

    [GUIDE] Best way to run dating/adult CPA offers via TrafficJunky

    Alright guys, here I am again with another guide, this time for the adult niche for those of you interested to run some 'hot' offers ;) Not many people like to talk about adult but that doesn't mean you should not do it ;) there is some insane money to make, and the best way to get started is...
  10. E

    Try To Dominate Mobile Adult

    Hello everybody here on AffiliateFix I start this thread to share with you my campaigns and see how it goes I have a little experience with adult traffic which i made 250-300$ before 4-5 months in PeerFly now i start a new campagin in affiliaXe because my profit offer on PeerFly was not convert...