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    Need expert advice on promoting Adult CPA CPL offers

    Hey There,I have been doing Cpa Affiliate marketting for 2 months but I have been facing problem to find a better Ad Network that will have better conversion,ROI. I have used plugrush but the conversion was only 1 for 1000 click. I need expert advice on promoting Adult Dating offers and game...
  2. 19 Interactive

    Are you a Robot?

    I'm not! ;) Hi all, I'm here to introduce myself to the forum! I'm mainly here because I create ads for merchants and marketers and I want to learn as much as possible from both sides so that I can better fulfil my clients' needs. I'm also thinking of dipping my toes in the water and trying...
  3. N

    How to use 7search

    I recently signed to up 7search using the affiliate fix $50 promotion, does anyone have any advice on setting up campaigns and converting traffic
  4. H

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for affiliates in the Movie, TV show or Gaming niche.

    My name is Jeff and my goal is to find true business partners that will work with our Ad Program to grow their site's revenue. If you're an affiliate looking to deal with the Ad Program used by some of the most popular sites in the niche then you found it. They use us because we know how to...

    First bing campaign, no impressions

    Last night at 12am est I created a bing ad account and my first campaign. Dashboard is a bit confusing, but I believe my ad campaign is "enabled" for delivery. It's now 2pm est, and I have not gotten an impression, not even 1 measly eyeball. Does anyone with bing experience know why?