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ad budget

  1. moneydrop2021

    High Cost in Digital Advertising Especially in Google and Meta Ads.

    According to these 2 guys, the clients must spend at least $50k/month in order to be successful on Meta and Google Ads: What do you all think about this topic?
  2. F

    Need expert advice on promoting Adult CPA CPL offers

    Hey There,I have been doing Cpa Affiliate marketting for 2 months but I have been facing problem to find a better Ad Network that will have better conversion,ROI. I have used plugrush but the conversion was only 1 for 1000 click. I need expert advice on promoting Adult Dating offers and game...
  3. thisisraz65

    how much budget is for testing a cpa offer on native ad network?

    Suppose, i have a offer that has payout on 10, how do you promote it on native ad network and how much budget for it.