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  1. Emmawantstolearn

    Is there a Tool Or a Website For Publishing With Multiple Ad Networks?

    Hi everyone, Is there a tool or a website that allows you to publish your creatives on multiple Ad Networks like Taboola, Revcontent, Adclicku, PropellerAds, RichAds, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc, etc? If this kind of tool doesn't exist, then wouldn't it be nice / convenient to create one...
  2. René Wagner

    Promoting Offers from different countries?

    Hey guys, Im from germany and want to promote some offers from other countries in germany. The german offers on maxbounty didnt look that great. is it possible to promote offers from different countries on german traffic. Thanks
  3. Mostafa Adel Khayri

    Regarding CPI offers (Cost per install)

    Hello affiliatefixers :) I was wondering if you can suggest a network & Ad networks which support incentive mobile CPI (cost per install) offers, as I think it would be great to start with, I mean, I might go pick an offer with a $1.50/install payout incentive Geo targeted, and go to an ad...
  4. Alex admitad

    admitad is looking for new affiliates

    admitad is a Cost Per Action based network that delivers all your advertising needs. admitad offers reliable sources of sales and publishers with new business models to ensure monetization of traffic. Established in Germany in 2009 (Launched in 2010), currently it is present globally. admitad...
  5. T

    About Connection Types targeting on advertising network

    I run few campaigns with some ad networks but I'm still confused when targeting connection types. Most of networks have 4 main connection types to target: Dial-up, Cable/DSL, Corporate, Cellular I almost only use Cellular connection since my target is Mobile devices. Dial-up is quite clear and...
  6. kirsl

    Kir from GlobalNetwork

    Hi everyone. My name is Kir and I'm entrepreneur. I was started PHP developer 7 years ago and became entrepreneur. It was PHP, Project management, Sales, Self-business like web-studio with 25 employees and computer club (10 years ago :)). So, last 12 years I'm worked with fix-price jobs only 6...
  7. marketerLevi

    Fresh start - recommended ad agencies?

    Hello all, I'm Levi in the US west coast. I need some advice badly regarding which ad agencies are recommended - more specifically for CPA web-based lead gen or mobile advertising; and I'm talkin' good quality lead-gen, and not any incentivized / forced click scammy sort of network either (I'm...