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  1. Y


    Hi everybody! I had a profitable campaign on 50onRed for my own offer but since 21th of April ROI is red. Does anybody have the same experience? They applied something called Conversion Boost on 18th but ROI was good on 18th-20th. I also tried to increase bid in 3 times up to $30 just to see how...
  2. Stencil

    50onRed (RTX Platform) Optimization

    Hey fellas, Hope you all had a nice weekend. For those who had a nice one, I really need to ask you this, How are you optimizing your campaigns on 50onRed? I have been using this platform for about a year now.. Initially, it was all good.. Earned quite a load of money (tbh) but now since a...
  3. drluisbarrios

    50OnRred Is Getting Very Red

    These days the traffic from 50OnRed is turning very, very bad. I think the last inventory they bought is almost "Red Sitexxx", that's why his most recent promo sounds suspicious to me. They must be going through hard times, because his good traffic it is slowly losing quality and I'm not...
  4. Ahmed Hassan GamalEldin

    Can i track keywords using url builder? with traffic sources like 50onred?

    Hey, Actually i have my own ecommerce website, and looking forward to scale my campaigns to other traffic sources like ppv or mobile, but am using Tag manager, and analytics to track goals and conversions, the question is: Can i use google url builder and put the traffic source keyword token in...
  5. karthik94

    [HELP] Knowledge-base about Self Advertiser - An Adnetwork

    Hi, I am karthik I need to know more about Self Advertiser. Its an Ad Network which has two types of targeting viz RON targeting and keyword targeting. We do run campaigns on RON targeting. We do get enough impressions rather than clicks. The offer which we run is also hot running offer...
  6. guidone1983

    50onRed and TrafficVance

    Hello, Does it make sense to run a campaign on 50onRed and Traffic Vance for the same offer? I wondering if they have the same publishers as clients and if I would be bidding against myself with this strategy. Does anyone know? Thanks!