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TUNEDCLOUD | Cloud Shared, Reseller and Fully Managed VPS Hosting

TUNEDCLOUD | Cloud Shared, Reseller and Fully Managed VPS Hosting

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Platform Name
$19-$99 Cloud Shared, $20-$320 Cloud Reseller, $10-$960 Cloud VPS
Payment Types
  1. Paypal
  2. CC
World's FASTEST Cloud Hosting For Affiliates!
As an affiliate promoting offers to generate sales the LAST thing you want is for your web hosting to go offline or to be slow right when your PAID traffic campaign hits!

Eliminate this worry with a TUNEDCLOUD Cloud Hosting Account, fully managed by us, so you can focus on what makes YOU money.

Our hosting is FAST, the World's FASTEST! (With PROOF!)

We have faster data centers and server setups than Azure, AWS EC2, Vultr, Linode, Digital Ocean and others, with the tests to prove it! We build our TUNEDCLOUD platform on the UpCloud global network of 7 data centers.

Our Network

We are faster than any of our direct competitors, simply because we provide better servers and better software setups for our web server configurations, making your sites fast AND easy to configure to achieve maximum performance and security with our TUNEDX controller for cPanel.

Using TUNEDX any of our clients can have a super high performance NGINX powered WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or other CMS powered site running with full page in-memory cache using Redis Cache for the ultimate in performance, no programming needed!

See us wipe the floor with WPEngine at over 3X their speed:

WPEngine vs. TUNEDCLOUD (more comparisons coming!)

You can check out our company website speed yourself at:

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Take a WHOPPING 50% off for LIFE on any TUNEDCLOUD Shared or Reseller Hosting account using this coupon.


[This coupon directly supports our TUNEDCLOUD Affiliates, your purchase is rotated as a sale to an active affiliate who also has a coupon tracking code subscription active for their marketing. We give them exclusive rotation on coupons like this one as a bonus!]

Cloud Shared Hosting

Cloud Reseller Hosting

Not only do you save 50% on your initial order, your renewals will stay at the same price!

You can also use the coupon to take 50% off of our discounted 1, 2 and 3 year payment options, maximizing your savings for life on our hosting.

Host Advice Reviews: TUNEDCLOUD

We currently have a 9.8 out of 10 for our average review rating!

At TUNEDCLOUD we value each and every client as much as another, doesn't matter if you are using us to host a single site on a shared hosting account or if you are using one of our super powerful 20 cpu and 2TB RAM Cloud VPS deployments, we provide the same level of support.

Thank you in advance for joining the TUNEDCLOUD family!
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