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TUNEDCLOUD Affiliate Program

Cloud Hosting Affiliate Program with Company Distributed Sales and Signups!

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    TUNEDCLOUD Affiliate Program
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    • Net-30
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    • Paypal
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    The TUNEDCLOUD Affiliate Program shares 100% of all company sales and affiliate signups with active affiliates.

    Earn BIG as an affiliate with direct company support!

    Our unique program rewards our affiliates with our company sales and new affiliates signups for personal visitors referred, sales made and affiliates signed up by our active affiliate partners.

    An industry first!

    The TUNEDCLOUD Affiliate Program is FREE to join, with starting commission at 15% for our most popular products and the ability to earn up to 30% on each and every sale and renewal when you generate sales in our program, adding 1% to your commission rate for every 2 sales you make during the month for a maximum of 30% commission on Group A products in our compensation plan.

    Our hosting products are second to none, we build our hosting service on UpCloud.com's network, the Worlds fastest cloud servers, plus our proprietary hosting server setups which provide AMAZING performance and reliability to our clients for 1/3rd the cost of our competitors.

    Here is a speed comparison between one of our direct competitors, WPEngine, their corporate website speed compared directly to ours:

    WPEngine.com v.s. TUNEDCLOUD.com

    (Spoiler ALERT: We are 3X FASTER!)

    Stop DREAMING about an amazing Affiliate Opportunity to join, you just found it!

    Products priced very competitively, top quality... no price embarrassment to market, profitable, with room to grow...

    Additionally, when we hit 100K domains hosted on our service... our single tier affiliate program turns into a 10 level program, no qualifiers to earn on ALL 10 levels of affiliate sales in your network.

    Build with us now, earn big, then when we roll our our 10 level program... get a HUGE pay raise!

    Need amazing Cloud Hosting? Here is a coupon for 50% off for life for our affiliate partners! Coupon is good on any TUNEDCLOUD Cloud Shared or Reseller hosting package, any payment term, choose 3 year payment option for max savings or monthly or any plan in-between, your choice.


    TUNEDCLOUD Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

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