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TallyRise Certified

Social Growth tool geared towards sites with free content or shopping cart.

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    15% revenue split
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    • Net-30
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    • Paypal
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    TallyRise allows a website owner to better capture traffic visitors by EASILY hiding content or providing coupon codes after completing a social interaction.If your site contains free material or a shopping cart, our tool will help you grow your social media following and mailing list.

    Commission - SIMPLE!!
    15% revenue share for lifetime of converted customer!
    90 Day referral period

    If you have traffic in the website owner space - particularly with free content or ecommerce, TallyRise is an easy sell to your traffic!

    Ideal Customer
    Our ideal customer is a website owner who's site either has free content (for example free themes, diy instructions, how to guides, free digit marketing assets, etc) or a shopping cart grow their social following and mailing lists.

    In the case of free content, the content is hidden by a gentle window until a social growth option is completed.

    For the shopping cart, if a user completed a social growth action, they can be presented with a coupon.

    Our freemium option includes twitter following. The paid plans include twitter following, randomized tweeter, facebook like and email list subscription.

    Ultimately TallyRise helps websites in our niche of free content or shopping cart convert their traffic to social following.