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InstaForex Affiliate Program
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up to $20 from a market lot, or up to 67% of company's profit from every customer referred.
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  1. Daily
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Since 2007
Hello, forum users and guests!

If you have found yourself here, you are likely to be curious about new opportunities and successful experience in affiliate marketing. Aren't you?
Anyway, let's start from the very beginning! Let's get acquainted!
Obviously, you are cool affiliates and we are, probably, the biggest Forex Broker who has succeeded, first of all, due to the affiliate program.
So, let's sum up all our resources and knowledge and make some money together!
But before we start, it is worth saying how we do it successfully combining brokerage service and developed affiliate program

Let's take a simple example. Imagine that there is a service that provides the access to the global market of knowledge-and skills exchange. Let's say, you have the certain skills that you would like to exchange for others. And the service takes some amount of commissions per each exchange.
Suddenly you get to know about one more profitable and interesting way to earn within this service: to bring along with you those ones who is eager to exchange their skills for the skills they need. As a result you will be rewarded by 50% of commission that the clients pay to the service for the exchange. 50% is the minimum! Not bad, is it? Furthermore, everything depends on the number of clients you bring and the volume of skills they sell.

By the way, it's not necessary for you to exchange on this market, once you have the access to someone who wants to do it by themselves.
Moreover, you have a choice either to get the one-time paid reward per each new client or to get your rewards on a regular basis. The more volume of skills your clients trade, the more rewards you are paid by this service.

If any questions, please, move to Discussion and feel free to ask us!
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