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1 tracking solution servicing affiliate marketers in over 160 countries.

  1. Adam80Johnson
    Really good tool. I find it easy to use. I like its wide functionality and landing page editor. Have been using for 4 months now and still have no issues.
  2. Angela Parker
    Angela Parker
    The greatest affiliate tool! I've been using it for 1 year now and what I like the most is stability and constant upgrades. I've found there many useful features for me. My favorite one is tracking without redirects, really helps to cope with Facebook. Recommend you.
  3. John Wellow
    John Wellow
    One of the best trackers I used.
    Good value for money, excellent features, friendly support. Totally recommend!
  4. Tim13
    Best tracker, the best support service, and very extensive functionality.
  5. Long Vu
    Long Vu
    Great platform (y)
  6. tabarak
    thankss very mach ..this pro& services fery good...thankss ADSBRIDGE
  7. Syrus
    Best tracker for new affiliates
  8. Sumaiya
    I'm going, to be honest with you, so far, I find Asbridge is the tracking software I can get along with.
    So remember, it all depends on YOU and your NEEDS, the only thing I didn't like is that my data can't be %100 mine because all of the data is stored on their server, but, it doesn't matter that much because there's something else great in return which is I can build (visually) LPs hosted on their server, they simplified this process a lot!
    the reason why I loved them and I'm giving them a 5-star rating is first because they're providing great features that no other TS has, and secondly is because of their super friendly support service :-)
  9. Attriboost Team
    Attriboost Team
    AdsBridge is a great tracking system - and their support team is top-notch.
  10. troublemike
    The feature to create landing pages looks quite interesting though the speed and detailed reports are what made me choose them
  11. nutnights
    Really good tracker at good price.
  12. larb45
  13. comegetbravo
    Good tracker for beginners to get familiar with tracking and optimization. Good UI with decent features, could use more - at least the team is working on it from what I know (manually updating costs is soon to be brought out of beta from what I understand).

    I've used adsbridge for over a year, I would recommend it to every beginner out there just because of the free & basic plan which won't eat your budget like the other trackers out there in the beginning when you need to as much as possible on traffic.
  14. Guilly

    Adsbridge is a great tracking software that covers all aspects that you need when to come to optmizations and data analise... Easy to use, very intuitive and great support. Recommended
  15. Anar Call-Experience
    Anar Call-Experience
    One of the greatest solutions for tracking online.
    For all those people using voluum:
    AdsBrige is way better, nor only when we speak about rates they offer, but also in serving your materials. Average offer load speed of the offer (considered for USA offer, in peak hours, while i have 30k visits per hour)
    Average page load speed with volume, stood at 1.92 seconds from New York, while when I moved to AdsBride, this parameter decreased to 0.7 seconds.
    This is not only great improvement in serving, but also granted me a superb ramp up in the results of my marketing campaigns.
    ANOTHER !!! PRO of adsbridge - comparing to Voluum - AdsBridge knows to allocate all browsers - including "Edge", which is in Voluum counted as "Chrome"
    AdsBrige support - is completely different subject for conversation. Those who familiar with "Rackspace Support" should know.. AdsBridge support almost as awesome as "rackspace's"
    I do highly recommend AdsBridge!
  16. karlm
    Brilliant Tracking Tool, Having previously used Prosper 202 i find this much more advanced. I have learnt to use it very quickly and have found the Statistics to be very detailed.
  17. Torpedo
    Want to try. Really so good?
    1. Phill AdsBridge
      Author's Response
      If you'd like to try us out, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial here: https://www.adsbridge.com/

      If at any time during the free trial you'd like to test out specific features, just write our support team at [email protected], and it'll be set up for you!

      PM me with any questions!

  18. moneyreign
    As an active user of AdsBridge, I'm always excited to see what they are currently working on next. I love the ability to create landing pages from within their platform and then being able to setup tracking and split testing without the need to use another provider.
  19. (deleted member)
    Really cool TDS(traffic distribution system), many powerful and useful features.
  20. Pr0duct
    Really great tool for building simple pages