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How It Works:

For Affiliates & Media Buyers:

Traffic Distribution — AdsBridge enables you to distribute traffic by GEO, devices, languages, OS, etc. (we have more than 16 parameters available). You can purchase any traffic, precisely set up targeting, analyze statistics, and monetize all your traffic at one time.

Split-Testing— with the help of our split-test option, you can easily check which of your offers or landing pages perform better. In cases when the same offer is available on several CPA networks, you can determine which of them brings more conversions, and how many redirects are made before the user gets to your offer.

Pre-Landers — for some verticals like dating, nutra, and download, affiliates use pre-landers - usually increasing general performance up to 30%. AdsBridge is probably the only tracker that has an inbuilt landing page editor enabling you to create, set up, and then test all your landing creatives. Moreover, all landers are hosted within our system and all graphic content that you upload on jump pages operates through the CDN provider with which we cooperate.

Fraud Filtering — you can set AdsBridge to determine and filter out fraudulent traffic, ensuring that your traffic remains clean.

Cloaking — most trackers have a hide referrer functionality. They also enable you to redirect the undesirable traffic to the neutral domain. AdsBridge provides this domain by default, but you can add your own one as well.

Auto-Optimization — having this feature in tracker you no longer have to waste much of your time to optimize your campaigns, all at once. On AdsBridge, you can set the conditions and time intervals for statistics calculation, and the system will automatically provide you with the data on the best-performed landing pages and offers.

Daily Capping — You'll have control over the lead limit on your offers. Any traffic that breaches your set limit will be automatically be redirected to an offer of your choosing.

Unlimited Domains — It's simple, really. NO limits on the amount of domains. Whatsoever.

For Media-Buying Teams, and Agencies:
Multi-User Access — this feature will come in handy for large affiliate teams, and not all trackers have it. AdsBridge lets you work under one account and easily track the efficiency of each manager, monitor their work, and if necessary limit access rights for new employees, ensuring the safety of your information.

Detailed Reports — AdsBridge reports are deeply detailed, and give you the option of filtering results by multiple options, and let you see the results you're looking for. AdsBridge statistics are in real-time, and you can upload and download them as you choose. There is also an option of manual cost update, available upon request.


THE new trend in the affiliate marketing industry that will help you stand out from your competitors. It will come in handy for high volume media-buying teams and advertising agencies in monetizing their remnant traffic and in optimizing campaigns within one single platform.

What does it include?

SmartLink Creation — This feature will allow you to monetize left over traffic with ease. You'll be able to hold an unlimited amount of offers, all under one link!

White Publisher User Interface — Gain access to our User Interface while simultaneously preserving the visual uniqueness of your site or service.

Landing Page building, editing, and hosting — AdsBridge is possibly the ONLY tracking solution that provides its users with access to ready-to-go landing page templates, a blank LP editor (html and visual!), and hosting.

Automatic Campaign Optimization — Our system's algorithms allow your campaigns to be optimized while you sleep! AdsBridge will be able to see which offers are performing better, and allocate more traffic to them accordingly. All of this is done through our Traffic Distribution System, which directs traffic through more than 16 parameter such as country, device, ISP, connection type, etc.


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Latest reviews

Really good tool. I find it easy to use. I like its wide functionality and landing page editor. Have been using for 4 months now and still have no issues.
The greatest affiliate tool! I've been using it for 1 year now and what I like the most is stability and constant upgrades. I've found there many useful features for me. My favorite one is tracking without redirects, really helps to cope with Facebook. Recommend you.
One of the best trackers I used.
Good value for money, excellent features, friendly support. Totally recommend!
Best tracker, the best support service, and very extensive functionality.
Great platform (y)
thankss very mach ..this pro& services fery good...thankss ADSBRIDGE
Best tracker for new affiliates
I'm going, to be honest with you, so far, I find Asbridge is the tracking software I can get along with.
So remember, it all depends on YOU and your NEEDS, the only thing I didn't like is that my data can't be %100 mine because all of the data is stored on their server, but, it doesn't matter that much because there's something else great in return which is I can build (visually) LPs hosted on their server, they simplified this process a lot!
the reason why I loved them and I'm giving them a 5-star rating is first because they're providing great features that no other TS has, and secondly is because of their super friendly support service :-)
AdsBridge is a great tracking system - and their support team is top-notch.
The feature to create landing pages looks quite interesting though the speed and detailed reports are what made me choose them