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Basic plan is Free - Premium plan has a 3 day free trial, after that is $99 per month
We are AdFlex. THE MOST ADVANCED ad intelligence tool in the market!

  • AdFlex is a professional tool tailored for Affiliate marketers, Dropshippers, Brands, Marketing managers, and even novice entrepreneurs who are eager to run profitable campaigns on Facebook.
  • Our tool allows marketers to find ads on Facebook based on the original targeting which was set at the time of ad publication eg Region, ad language, user demographics, and much more.
  • These are all possible thanks to an extensive resource for ads that is created using big databases that encapsulate the core functionality of AdFlex as an ad intelligence tool, holding and maintaining 60 million ads!
  • On a higher level, AdFlex enables professionals to monitor their competitors, see their performance in terms of engagement factors, discover their successful ads, and grasp their winning features for later use in their own campaigns, giving a competitive balance to new players in the market .

  • "Interest category" is a feature developed exclusively for AdFlex that allows to discover ads based on the interest criteria the ad was aimed for, giving marketers exceptional insight into the ads targeting info.
  • How well an ad campaign has performed is not necessarily public info, but it's hugely valuable to Facebook advertisers. AdFlex can retrieve this info and display it exquisitely. All ad properties, performance records, and landing page details are shown in the "Ad Details" section.

Some of our unique Facebook features consist of the following:
  • Ad placement : allows to optimize campaigns by indicating where is the best physical location on the Facebook page to display ads
  • Interest Category : you can discover ads on Facebook based on the interest category set at the time of creation
  • Fanpage Category : marketers can monitor their competitors directly by searching ads based on their business page on Facebook

And finally, the big news is that you can have all these features ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE!

Begin searching now and make smarter decisions for your campaigns!
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Just tried this tool today. First, I must say that it is completely free, but it has a limited search count before you buy the premium account. It has many different features and filters. It has an Ad Details section, which gives very detailed information about an ad (this really helps). %100 recommend it.