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    What ALL affiliates should know

    This is resumed to target a niche market where there is low offers and a certain amount of research. This way, competition is lower and you have better chance to reach your audience like fishing in a barel. As J911R said, doesn't matter if you only few thousands. Some people wrongly...
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    What's the easiest way to advertise your affiliate link

    Hi Linda and Romeo, When affiliate links are "banned" or not allowed, is professional link cloaking or masking can be an alternative? And when I say professional, I don't mean using free stuff like TinyURL or the others, I mean have our own domain name. Thanks in advance! Yan
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    Before you Quit your Day Job

    Hi everyone, Before to make this move (from job to work online), it has to be done intelligently and strategically. This is something I'm preparing myself in terms of mindset, vizualisation and preparation. Despite the financial side, it's a major move and lifestyle change people are...
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    What's the most difficult thing for a newbie affiliate marketer?

    Hi Christan, My vote is "keep it going". It's difficult at the beginning to keep it up because we all have difficulties the feel the small failures and the willing to learn before we start getting success. Sometimes, people only want buttons to push on and if they don't find them, they...
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    Is this for real?!

    Money can be real in this business. The only thing to remember is to always bring fresh blood into your business and take action consistantly. Success will be yours!
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    Free SEO Tips and Articles for Affiliates

    I always wondered how can we optimize affiliate website to get a better ranking others than linking, articles, etc. Now there's a way! Thanks Lynda for sharing this tools! I will take a look at it.
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    what's the key ingredient that boosted your online biz, how and whe did you learn it?

    Unfortunately, I have learned by trial and error and most affiliate marketer try this way. What boost my online biz? By focussing on few things: - Write your WHY - Consistant actions - Perseverance and patience In my opinion, there is no magical way to "boost" a business online, you just...
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    Is corporate aware of the home business phenomenon?

    Thanks for your feedback. It's very interesting...
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    Is corporate aware of the home business phenomenon?

    Hi everyone, I have a impression that the corporate world is probably not "fully" aware that more and more people are looking for different ways to earn an income (affiliate marketing is one of the possible vehicule) and have more free time. We never/rarely hear about this phenomenon in the...
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    Would you be willing to share your secret?

    Hi Ayush, My secret is probably the program I use because most of what I have learned comes from it. But it's not a secret itself, just that it is a little different than other affiliates, I have all the most powerfull tools to advertise my business. I would also dare to say that my other...
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    Is Reciprocal Link Exchange dying?

    Hi Ayush, refinder is right. One way link is a better way to create inbound link to your site. Also, as an affiliate, if you use your program sale's page, there is no way to can insert a link from someone else. Unless you have your own landing page but you would have to insert these links...
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    Outsource PPC campain for affiliates

    Hi Scorpion68a, Thanks for your reply and advise. I didn't jump yet, still think of it. I am trying to contact people in my org who use/tried this kind of service and got results. Talk to you soon!
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    How secure is your PC?

    Hi everyone, Like Linda mentionned, I have a wireless rooter (encrypted), that puts another wall for anything that would try to enter your computer. I use AVG (AVG Anti-Virus and Internet Security - Welcome) and since I use this program (2 years), I have never got a virus yet. It's...
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    Is there a quick fix to making money with affiliate programs?

    Hi affiliate master, The only things you need to fix for making money with affiliate are: -Time -Perseverance -Patience -Hard work -What is your "WHY" and vision -Consistant action daily Unfortunately, there is no short cut for success. If there was, everybody would do it and there...