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    how and where do i promote email submit & zipcode offers

    Whatever you do, don't run your offers in any English speaking countries.
  2. Jaded Affiliate

    how and where do i promote email submit & zipcode offers

    It seems you are raw to asking questions. Do you really think an expert is going to magically appear and give you a detailed answer to your 8 word question? At least tell us what you've tried. Full regards good sir.
  3. Jaded Affiliate

    how and where do i promote email submit & zipcode offers

    I vomit in my mouth a little bit every time I hear zip submit. Look, in 2016 you're going to have to provide REAL value. These zip submits aren't going to cut it anymore. Plus, your question is way too vague. It's like you just woke up and decided you were going to give affiliate marketing a...
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    How to consistently get your emails trashed

    A lot of you might wonder... "When is the best time to send out emails?" Without a doubt, most of us want to send emails at the best time possible. You know, the times when you can get the max number of opens and clicks. To understand when this time is, you must understand that people are in...
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    Best Way to Gain Likes on Facebook

    Find out what is going viral with your competitors. See which of their posts are getting the most engagement and either rip the posts or come up with something along the same lines. The thing with FB (and most social networks) is you can't post content that makes them think. It has to be funny...
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    What do you eat for breakfast?

    Potato wedges, bananas, and a yogurt. YUMMY
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    Have you ever thought that you were helping scam services or products?

    You're right. Most of the offers out there are complete crap. If you have a moral compass then I would suggest creating products of your own. That's not to say there AREN'T quality products that you can promote but when you're talking about CPA marketing, they are few and far between. CPA...
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    How To Pitch Ad Space On Your Blog?

    I have a site that is getting some decent traffic in a good niche I'm thinking about emailing a few businesses to see if they would like to put a banner on my site. Have you guys done this before? How do I price things out and how do I pitch the offer? Thanks.
  9. Jaded Affiliate

    Targeting Other Countries via SEO

    Whats cracking peeps? Does anyone have experience making niche sites that target other countries in the SERP's? I'm thinking I need a server IP from the location I want to target but I'm not sure. Thanks guys
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    Journey to $25K rev per month in 6 months..

    Ambitious indeed... Looking forward to your journey
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    Using Linux or Windows , no difference for affiliate marketers ?

    I use Linux for all my affiliate marketing stuff. I actually just made a video on why you don't need a $5000 macbook to make money online.
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    How can you be friendly but professional at the same time on a forum?

    If someone has a question and you answer with a particularly insightful post, that is value.
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    Affiliates Wanted List Building Excellence - Launch Announcement

    Can you get us review copies of the program?