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Prosper202, 7Search, LP rotator and AFFID, RID values

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by nabrunabru, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. nabrunabru

    nabrunabru Affiliate affiliate


    I'm currently running a campaign using 7Search as my traffic source and Prosper202 as my tracking software. I am split testing different landing pages, so I'm using a rotator script.

    Almost everything is tracking properly, everything except AFFID and RID values from 7Search.

    I've tried many different approaches but I can't figure out how to pass AFFID and RID values through the rotator. Direct linking is tracking AFFID and RID fine, so it has to be the rotator causing problems.

    Here are the links I'm using:
    1. PeerFly global offer postabck URL:
    I got this link from Prosper202, Setup, #9 Get Postback/ Pixel, Simple Pixel.

    2. Destination URL's used in my 7Search campaign:
    This is the link to the rotator.

    3. Destination URL's used on my Landing pages. 1 for each LP:
    I got these 2 links from Propser202, Setup, #8 Get Links.

    And here's the rotator script. Again, everything but AFFID and RID is tracking, direct linking tracks everything, rotator doesn't.
    I can't post links, so Google "Landing Page Tracking & Split Testing Using Prosper202" to find the script.

    Help truly appreciated,
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2014

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