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Programmer New to Marketing, Best place to start?

Discussion in 'Programming and Scripts' started by Delyte, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Delyte

    Delyte Affiliate affiliate

    I have a rough idea of where I want to start, but I'm still deciding. I recently finished my computer science education, so I have a pretty robust technical background, and learning new languages is easy for me.

    So someone with my set of skills has access to what a lot of beginners don't, which is obviously technical expertise. So given that, are there any areas of marketing that you'd recommend starting out with for someone who can easily understand the technical side of things? I don't want to taint responses with my ideas of what I think might be successful, so I'm curious what people say simply based on a technical background.

    Ideally I'd like something that can scale up well and quickly, ideally automated or low-maintenance (which also plays into scalability), but at the same time can work at the start with limited income.

    Maybe the best place to start isn't any different? Curious to hear what people think.
  2. monetizer
  3. ziggyfish

    ziggyfish Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    As a programmer who has done this. I learned by doing work for an existing online marketer.

    As your a technical person, I would recommend reading some books and experimenting.
  4. simonn

    simonn Affiliate affiliate

    If you're really great at programming I'd suggest you start to create projects which would get a lot of interest. If you'll get traffic you will always earn, after monetizing it. And monetize you can simply using Affiliates or PPC like Adsense.

    Also you can create some online products to sell. There are a lot of IMers doing shitload of money of this.
  5. AkanaSantana

    AkanaSantana Affiliate affiliate

    Amazon affiliate - doorway-sites. You can scale up well and quickly, ideally automated or low-maintenance too.
  6. SEOwarez

    SEOwarez Affiliate affiliate

    yes like previously mentioned amazon affiliate with doorway works well. build a pbn and affiliate sites with argo content then you don't have much work building sites and you can scale it as much as you like and promote as many niches as you want.
  7. arush4491

    arush4491 Affiliate affiliate

    I think blog marketing is good.

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