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Pathetic CTR

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click' started by Hooda Kismet, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Hooda Kismet

    Hooda Kismet Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys! I'd love your advice on this one. I have this Bing campaign that's been running for about 48 hours now, I know it's still fresh and I need to give it more time cuz Bing tends to be slow at times, but the CTR is just terrible (less than 1%), and I know that it's not the bid, because my average bid at the moment is not even half of what I'm bidding for...

    Could it be the ad copy?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated :) Thanks!
  2. monetizer
  3. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    Sure, it could be the ad copy. Are you split testing?

    What kind of volume are you getting? Is it enough to really get any kind of helpful data for pinpointing the issue?

    Is it a good offer?

    It could be a number of things but since you believe it's not your bid, my guess would be your ad. Again, are you split-testing and trying different wording, headlines and angles?
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2017
  4. Unicorn

    Unicorn Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    What is you Avg. Ad Position? Do you have at least 2 ads per ads group to test?
  5. Basheer

    Basheer Affiliate affiliate

    Low CTR is because you have some keywords are receiving many impressions and no clicks, so what you should do now.

    1. Create 20 ad copies and inject the important keywords inside these ads (inside the title and text)
    2. Use the dynamic ads if your niche has little sub niches. For example, if you are running sweepstakes offers, use the dynamic ads, the dynamic ad format in the headline like: Great Opportunity! {KeyWord: Win iPhone}
    3. Make your ad copies so attractive
    4. Make sure your landing pages are attractive because the landing page affects the quality score of the keyword
    5. After 3 days, the quality score will appear (add the quality score column to the keywords), so it should be high for most of the keywords

    If you do the above and you get enough impressions but low CTR (low clicks), then go to the keywords which have low CTR and pause them and keep just the keywords which have high CTR (over 2%).

    Sometimes 10 keywords are more than enough to deliver to you enough and profitable traffic, but Bing Ads doesn't have big traffic volume unfortunately, so please be patient.

    I experienced this problem before, applied the above and I got 15% CTR for some niches.

    Good luck!
    azgold likes this.
  6. Morticai

    Morticai Moderator moderator affiliate

    Are you currently targeting search only? Or are you targeting Bing + 3rd party search.

    One thing most people don't realize is the majority of Bing traffic from 3rd party search engines and is actually, email traffic. Bing did this back when Yahoo started their Gemini platform and Bing had to fill the void.

    Because of how email traffic is in nature, this would explain the "slow times" but also would be a direct result of a terrible CTR.

    I suggest breaking up your campaigns I.E.
    One campaign that is Bing search only - it will require a much higher CPC
    Another campaign targeting 3rd party search only - you can have a much lower cpc on this, .50 or less generally will do it.

    If your CTRs are low on both campaigns, I generally would then check out the individual keyword CTRs.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2017 at 3:31 AM
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