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Keyword frequency, How low is too low?

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by positivecarry, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. positivecarry

    positivecarry New Member

    I am looking at some niches and I am wondering how many searches make a keyword search worth pursuing? I am using wordtrackers free search tool. Is 100/day too low?
  2. monetizer
  3. Edwin

    Edwin Affiliate affiliate

    Hundred a day too low?

    That depends, are you going for PPC? And is there no or hardly any competition?
    Is the amount of money you make on a successful conversion good enough to create a good loss and win ratio?

    In example: You convert a sale and you earn $5.00 and each click costs you $0.10 cents and the keywords/traffic you're going for is very conversion sensitive then absolutely go for it.

    Basically it all depends how achievable it is (difficulty level for SEO and costs involved with PPC) to funnel that traffic to your site to pursue a niche and bring in a positive Return On Investment in both monetary as well as time aspects you put in!
  4. OneOfEm

    OneOfEm Affiliate affiliate

    At the same time, if there are lots of low cost keywords surrounding your niche that each would drive 100 visitors, it starts making more sense.
  5. longroad

    longroad Affiliate affiliate

    And something that shows 100 searches on Wordtracker could be getting 10000 searches on Google.
    You wont know until you try.
  6. OneOfEm

    OneOfEm Affiliate affiliate

    GTrends Tool From Wordtracker is more accurate. Click on the small graph buttons to the right of each keyword to get a better idea of the real Google traffic. :cool:

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