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Campaign Launch Strategy For a Begginer with limited budget

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by asknopt, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. asknopt

    asknopt Affiliate affiliate

    Hi there,

    I have a budget of $500/month, but I'm not sure what is the best strategy to spend them.

    If you could answer some of these questions I would be really appreciate.

    1) Should I launch multiple campaigns at the same time? Or focus on one and improve it.
    2) How much should I spend in a campaign?
    3) How much time should I ran for campaign? I've hearing at least one week.
    4) How much money are you willing to spend in a new campaign until it starts to get conversions? (I guess depends on payout and conversion %)

  2. monetizer
  3. stipest

    stipest Affiliate affiliate

    First you should decide for a one traffic source you are going to promote on. And you should stick to that source 'till you master it. Because there is no point in splitting $500 in several traffic sources because you are not going to be able to optimize campaign on any of it.
    I would recommend you POF ads as a place to start at. They are affiliate friendly and a well known profitable place. You can start with a very small budget and a campaigns are very easy to optimize.

    After you choose your traffic source you should decide what kind of offers to run. I would recommend you to start with free sign up offers because it's easier to optimize and test $5 offer than $30-40 offer.
    This is very nice article about statistical significance and ad optimization: Back to Basics: Why You're Making Bad Campaign Decisions - - Affiliate Marketing. Internet Marketing.
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