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and so here it is!

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by profitboy, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. profitboy

    profitboy Affiliate affiliate

    due to the never ending support of a guy named @EymardSiojo i will finally start my online campaign!

    i will be using:

    youtube (yes!)
    blogger (yes!)
    camtasia (licensed)

    my niche will be
    the old one... games!

    i know some of you guys wouldnt bother but feel free to
    guide me too!

    i know some of you might laugh at this but hey,
    im taking action and i placed my journey here on affiliatefix
    because i know you guys are awesome!

    i had finished recording all the songs to my upcoming electronic ambient band's music.
    all of you guys will have a free download when everything is done.

    to those who are experts on blogger seo, you are very much welcome
    to help me.

    its content locking that im gonna do with instarank method.
    which includes visual basic as well as @EymardSiojo suggested that i do,
    all earnings would be used to buy tools like gsa and the like..
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2014
    K likes this.
  2. captain47

    captain47 Affiliate affiliate

    Congrats on taking action, but I can't make out what you are trying to do. Is this an affiliate marketing campaign that we are talking about?
    profitboy likes this.
  3. EymardSiojo

    EymardSiojo GRIND! affiliate

    It is a content locking campaign.
    Good luck brotha.. You know where to find me.. Hehehe
  4. profitboy

    profitboy Affiliate affiliate

    ive edited it sorry for the confusion im a complete newbie!
  5. profitboy

    profitboy Affiliate affiliate

    thanks man!

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