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Official Yuhu Ads [Deleted]

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  1. yuhuads

    yuhuads Affiliate affiliate

    yuhuads submitted a new resource:

    Yuhu Ads - Start making money!

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  3. yuhuads

    yuhuads Affiliate affiliate

    Good Morning,

    I'm Alex Casas, Account Manager Yuhu Ads and came to tell you about the company I represent.

    ¿What is Yuhu Ads?

    Yuhu Ads is a company that provides income to webmasters adding different ad formats on their websites. We are Spanish company, located in Barcelona, with less than a year old but with great expectations in a sector where there is big business because only monetize mobile traffic and more and more users browse the network through these devices.

    ¿What Yuhu Ads offer?

    Different ad formats to add to your website or blog in its mobile version, as interstitials, Pops and even Mobile redirects. As any format you sound like Chinese, step by explain.

    Interstitial: advertising is jumping the entire screen of the phone, but offering by a tab closure announcement, so the user will never be required to visit the advertisers.

    Pops: The system is similar to Interstitial, but as a window and the ability to put our message in front of or behind the content of our web page. A new format with very good conversions.

    Redirects: This is redirected to ads directly to all users who visit your site from a mobile phone. Usually, it is the most lucrative format, but search engines like Google does not like to redirect pages, so it is ideal for sites where we do not care too much traffic from search engines and lose positions in the search.​

    Well, so far you know what Yuhu Ads and advertising formats so you can monetize your mobile traffic.

    Now, sure you're one of those who want the answer the million we all seek, know how much money you will win. we can not say exactly how much, depends on too many factors, but let's try it, do not you say.

    ¿How much you can earn with Yuhu Ads?
    We paid for receiving visits your web pages from mobile devices. At all times, through a single pane as you can see in the picture below, you will know how much traffic you received today, what are your income and any historical you need.

    In addition to being responsive, you can access easily from the mobile to check your income.


    As you can see in the picture, at a glance we find the earnings of the day, yesterday, accumulated throughout the month, the best eCPM country and from what kind of phone operating system will visit.

    Furthermore you have access to more detailed sections.


    One difference that you are welcome to try over other ad networks is that it offers both weekly payments by wire transfer or paypal.

    And you can monetize all kinds of traffic, from mainstream to adult, so the theme of your blog is the least while attracting visitors get mobile.

    Also the Admin panel has two languages: Spanish and English. You can switch it whenever you want.

    Attached is a list of traffic means eCPM's Mainstream:

    US - € 6.11
    CA - € 4.64
    BR - € 1.73
    MX - € 5.14
    It is - € 3.49
    AR - € 3.69
    RU - € 2.55
    IT - € 3.56
    DE - € 5.52
    CH - € 10.07​

    Anything, do not hesitate to contact via Skype, or mail contact form you'll find in my signature.

    Skype: alex.yuhuads
    Email: alex[at]yuhuads[dot]com

  4. yuhuads

    yuhuads Affiliate affiliate

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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