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Youth community for sale with content

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by lazerto, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. lazerto

    lazerto Affiliate affiliate

    Bozzed com have been online since 2007 in danish. In that time we managed to end up with a google pagerank 4.

    In 2009, we changed the whole site to english, and now we run the site on a com domain. We still have our danish users.

    We have many good partners, and we have runned net-radio advertising many times.

    We have been mentioned in lots of danish magazines and web pages.
    The site is for people between 16-35, who takes pictures at parties, events and other, and want to share pictures with friends. And of cause people who just want to look at party pictures from all over the world.

    The way to brand this site, is as a free alternative to facebook, where we don't take the picture copyrights, and offer lots of free services as; ecards, comments, rating, password protection, saving favorites, download zip files and much more.

    It is a niche site, where people can concentrate about one thing.. To have fun & share pictures!

    I am a young Dane, who develop internet concepts in my spare time. I graduated from Media College in 2006, and have worked with websites for 8 years.

    Lazerto is my company, where I develop and administrate concepts until they grow large enough to sell to bigger companies. At this time I am running 2 websites, and have sold 4 concepts.


    Requires a PHP server and MySQL database.
    The site is build from Coppermine gallery source, with we reprogrammed to fit our needs. Webdesign is by us.

    The site is build to generate many pageviews, and therefore works great with google adsense, and other automatised banners and advertisements.

    The price is $1500, witch can be payed by Paypal, check or bank transfer.

    This price includes:

    Graphics in PSD and PDF
    PDF flyers ready to print
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