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Your Cash Cow

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by jackwu, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. jackwu

    jackwu Affiliate affiliate

    Which project/niche or program provides you the most consistent income. How long did it take you to achieve this and tips for reaching the goal.
  2. terraleads
  3. moneyreign

    moneyreign Affiliate affiliate

    To make it in business and especially online marketing, you need to learn to adapt to your environment and always change things up. This is something I covered a lot during my interview on AffiliateFix.

    Zac Johnson, your Super Affiliate Expert chats to The Fix! - Blogs - Affiliate Marketing Forum | CPAFix is now AffiliateFix

    It depends who you are and what you are working in, but I've personally changed a lot over the past 18 years. In the beginning I was focusing on affiliate marketing and building out web sites, then I got into email, then I was focused back on content web sites and then in 2007 I went into the blogging and branding niche.

    Building my own personal brand has definitely done the best for me. Not just in a monetary value, but across the board in all areas.

    Today I focus on a handful of web sites, minimal affiliate marketing and building out my sites and brands to new levels, while also doing some brand management and growth consulting for other companies as well.

    The first step for anyone looking to make money online is just getting started and learning how to master your niche or traffic source. Once this is done you will have the knowledge and experience to expand into different areas.
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