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Yahoo Answers - Washed, Works? Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by jsammy, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. jsammy

    jsammy Affiliate affiliate

    kjrocker mentioned YA HERE and i started playing with it and doing some research on it. Looking at other top forums for YA info, it seems that that is a tactic that has been wildly beat up in the past and some even think Yahoo is making it much more difficult to do that.

    OK so with that in mind here'[s my thought:

    I like what KJ said so in altering it a bit..

    1. create 7 accounts instead of 5.
    2. work them one by one to obtain level 2; you can not post hyperlinks until level 2.
    3. round robin them between:

    • post an article on your blog about something relevant to your blog
    • 1 account to ask a question in YA with that article being the answer
    • 1 account to answer it with a link to your site
    • 5 accounts to vote on it

    Am I oversimplifying it or would that work?

    My next question is that since yahoo answers is PR7, can I just do that sporadically say answering questions 1-2 times a week, or still break it up to other backlinks?

  2. terraleads
  3. jsammy

    jsammy Affiliate affiliate

    Also, I think KJ was doing it to push ppl to a landing page whiel I wa slooking at it as backlinks. regardless if do or no follow
  4. Dario

    Dario Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I am also interested in this...!
    I just used Google and found this interesting method here>>>
    For sure I`ll make some tests with Yahoo answers...
  5. kjrocker

    kjrocker Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Hey buddy for sure you are rite to achieve level two , you gotta work a bit and post questions /gain points ... I`d say this method is still do-able if you do it wisely and dont just spam instead give some value able information in your answers , To be honest i never felt a need to post questions instead i always found questions people are asking and answer them no need to say posting questions yourself and answering them makes your accounts suspicious and increases your chances to loose your account , be genuine post real answers instead of copying pasting your templates again and again :) About back links etc YA is no follow site but it gives plenty of traffic , Also if you are direct linking you have more chances of getting banned as YA site usually blacklists the sites hey receive most spam complaints about .. So here is the summary

    Create multiple YA accounts
    Get them on level 2 and 2 +
    do not spam , post answers which actually help people (hint , when i used to post answers pretended to be a user who is looking sites related to niche rying them etc offers for years or two and i would put all the pros and cons in a short review and used to represent completion as well and how the site i recommend (my own ) is better then others ..

    Obviously its something much more then posting a useless answer just to make your link and that was the reasons 9 out of 10 questions from me were approved and usually one question was reported , the reason i advise to use different accounts is that in case some one reports you and checks your profile and your all answers are similar or promoting just one site that may lead to full account ban or most of your answers deleted ...
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2013
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