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WTH: Forum Posters - Hiring NOW!

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by Gareth_Boyd, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Gareth_Boyd

    Gareth_Boyd Affiliate affiliate

    A new paid forum posting service is looking for forum posters.

    We're looking for 5 forum posters to join our current team. We value our staff and pride ourselves on our staff-customer relationship. The five jobs available are only part time as you will only be needed whenever customers purchase packages.

    The site is relatively new at the minute, but we have great plans for the site and many people have shown interest in our services. As a potential employee this means if you were to work for us your work load would increase as the demand increases. Ideally you would start off as a part time member of our staff, however as the site grows you would then become a full time member of our staff.

    We are looking for enthusiastic employees that can consistently meet deadlines; if you are prone to providing work late then please note, this is not the job for you as we want to build a strong relationship with our customers.

    We would prefer applications from candidates with experience in writing whether it's article writing, content writing, forum posting or blogging. However we will gladly review and take on writers with no experience as long as they meet the required standards.

    Please apply here:

    Job Application Form

    NB. Do NOT pm me with your cover letter, I will only accept applications that are sent via the link provided above. I also refuse to reply to PMs asking about pay. We provide a service of great quality, and we do not wish to hire anyone that will post irrelevant posts on our customers forums and this tends to be associated with people driven by solely by money. If you wish to find out how much you would be getting paid then apply to the job, we will contact you ASAP and let you know. The pay is respectable!
    Finally, we enjoy communicating with our staff, so we would like to hire people that are friendly and sociable yet are still professional!

    If you're interested, then please apply ASAP as we're already receiving applications. We will consider anyone regardless of their experience, as long as they've good English skills and are willing to put the work in.

    Thanks guys!
  2. newbidder

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