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What is the maximum number of links should create in a WordPress blog post???

I assume you are asking maximum number of outgoing links that can be put in a blog post. Well, that depends on lots of factors. Let's say you are writing a 2K word article and reviewing top 50 or 100 hosts of the worlds, that may apparently contain 100 outgoing links and would be fine as long as there is sufficient clean content in the post.

Otherwise, for a normal 500 word post a few outgoing links towards sites like wikipedia will add juice to your post.

PS: Link advise in line with SEO guidelines.
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@OP there's no maximum or minimum number of links that can be in a blog post. Links should appear in your content only if they add value to what you've written because it's in your best interest as a blogger to keep readers on your site. Links lead your site visitors off your site so it is advisable to use only as many links as is absolutely necessary. The content you are writing should dictate that to you. If there's no need to link to another site then don't.


I don't think having out bound links on your website is a good idea. The outbound links will drive your traffic away. If you need to develop contents in a way that readers do not have necessity to go to other websites. You can do internal linking instead.