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Why most of users fail in CPA

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by lokiys, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. lokiys

    lokiys Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    This is because there around the Internet is full of money making ebooks and WSO what is totally garbage. I suppose 99% of WSO and money making ebooks what you can buy around the Internet is garbage. Luckily i understand that long long time ago and i have maybe max 10 of money making ebooks or WSO what i bought in 3 years period all of them i bought in my first marketing year and yes all of them is only words and pictures in it and not working system or gold suggestions. Most of marketers start to sell own systems only then when they start to see - ''fuck this does not work anymore like in past'' So this is last step in your working system how you can earn money with it. And it is harsh truth.

    So point for this thread is my suggestion: Never buy any ebook with some golden rules or money making systems or even WSO if you are newbie. I said if you are newbie because prof internet marketers can buy some ebooks or WSO only for reading it before going sleep and not for make full effort how newbies do that.

    And final suggestion is if you find FREE up to date ebook how that is here in cpafix like Newbies guide and similar you MUST definitely read it because if somebody giving away free up to date ebook then this marketer looking in future like our forum owner ''K'' if his wrote in his ebook last days working systems then his cannot get what his need ''his giving away this ebooks for your membership in cpafix and if his give you last days working systems then his will lose you how member here. Same things is with web pages where you must subscribe to newsletters and then you get bonus like ebook or something. If you get totally crap and not usable things then you definitely unsubscribe from this email list. I hope it make sense for everyone. Sorry for my English, but i think main point is clear for everyone.
  2. terraleads
  3. Trameil Ellis

    Trameil Ellis Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    nice post. Don't worry about your english. you're doing fine.

    But you're right. The reason why a lot of us (I'd imagine %95+) fail, INCLUDING ME AT THIS POINT, is because we stumble upon this magical world where people make money without going to a job or doing anything too illegal... and we're told that they make almost what we make in a year in a month's time while sitting in their underwear.

    And we're told it's easy. SOOOOOO easy.

    It has to be... look at all the methods being sold! I never would have thought about doing it that way! And everyone's making $100 a day-$10,000 a month! Doing nothing! whoooaaaa!

    So you grab everything you can and half try everything you get... kinda disappointing when you don't make any money with your half-assed work.

    From there, you look at a method and it looks too much like work! Why replace your job with a job!?

    And this one costs $500 dollars to just TEST! they didn't say that in the sales page!

    You then buy/steal another course/ebook.... by the end of month 1 you have so much on your hard drive you don't know where to start or what to try... This is the trap right here. You tried a bunch of unrealistic stuff at first that didnt work (honestly you didn't spend enough time on it to know if it would work or not), this method costs too much and this method is too much work. Guess it's time to get another course.

    lol I get frustrated just thinking about it.

    TL;DR We fail because we spend more time looking for the easiest way out than actually doing anything.
  4. lokiys

    lokiys Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Agree with you and exactly in last sentence.
    ''We fail because we spend more time looking for the easiest way out than actually doing anything.''
    Thats what i want to say in my post. There is a lot money making methods, but no one of this methods don't work. Why ?
    Simple answer: How stupid must be seller to sell for 5-20 bucks method what can earn 100$ a day ? :D This is totally ridiculous :D This is that same if i had a company what earn billions in one year and i'm going to sell it for 1000 $ :D
    Also agree with you ''(I'd imagine %95+)'' that is true percent and that is not true only in CPA but in every bussiness. That statistic 95% comes from bussiness statistic around the world that mean on the world is 5 successful bussines persons from 100 people. And that statistic is quite good, because in reality 3-4 % only try to do bussiness but they fail. So in reality only one or 0,5% of all peoples in the world do bussiness success. :)
    All newbies (businessmans) even don't know CPA or any other affiliate or basically Internet Marketing is simple bussiness how any other like selling bread on your shop or build new houses... I remember when i start then i though yes here can earn money for free :D It is great to remember, but now i know if you do not have money you can only try to scam somebody... Now i invest in IM around 100-300 $ monthly and that is totally small amount but i'm going slowly and everything is good till now.
    Oh yes another one gold suggestion: Never left your job because you think you can earn in Internet enough for you in true you can not :D (i'm not telling about persons who working in internet bussiness long time)
    There you read and think yes but there is a lot persons who working in internet and earning good. - Yes there is a lot of them but there is 95% more who not doing it successfully :D Because you cannot see them you cannot heard them, because they are losing all money to pay for garbage ebooks or any other rubbish and now they do not have money to pay internet bills :D
  5. Trameil Ellis

    Trameil Ellis Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    ...I think we could all (all meaning us scaredy cat newbs) benefit from one of us taking a case study out of the 411 book and following it through to success.

    any kind of positive ROI.

    As soon as I scrape some money together to run another PPC campaign on MSN, that'll be me.
  6. iebo

    iebo Affiliate affiliate

    Hard work beats talent if talent doesn't work. Put in the work and you can be successful, at least to a point. Get some success and then you build upon that.
  7. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate


    Love this topic man well done,
    my thoughts are, i 100% agree with the WSO bullshit - it's purely a money making machine for people who are to lazy to put practise in themselves (minus 10%). ANYONE and i repeat ANYONE can write and pay the $40 for a WSO and get some decent Ad copy done. The title just has to say

    "How to earn 400k in a year"

    who the hell is stopping me from putting this title? NO ONE!

    People are selling ebooks because of Ad copy and stupid false quotes!

    I don't think I've ever learnt much from these wso - apart from the free ones like Kensters Rags2Riches

    my take on it is, go get my book FREE - set up a case study on here FREE - and take action on one of the methods!

    Once you make some ROI scale up and work it out for yourself!
  8. hazii

    hazii Affiliate affiliate

    Great share ! Very useful info!
  9. Sharier

    Sharier Affiliate affiliate

    Hey dude, You said that a newbie shouldn't buy ebook. So what should the suggestion of you for newbie?
  10. Trameil Ellis

    Trameil Ellis Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    buying a book is fine.

    buying a book that promises to show you how to make 50k a month for 5 bucks is an honest mistake. I only say honest because I did it. lol

    buying book after book after book after book is bad.

    reading or watching someone show you how to do keyword research, how to narrow down demographics, how to do SEO or how to set up a campaign for the 500th and then saying "AW NOT THIS STUFF AGAIN THIS CRAP DONT WORK!!!" without ever trying it....

    well, that's the worst thing of all.
  11. Athena.Tennousu

    Athena.Tennousu Affiliate affiliate

    i agree completely...i tried many wsos, those method are just ideas of the past, most of them are saturated. i still believe that going through the basics would help most, such as learning how to do your keyword research, rank your site if you ever need it, social media promotion (i'm really at at this:p ), backlinking (either natural index or pinging them) and so on...if you have the foundation, you can come up with ideas:)
  12. warrior

    warrior Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Really nice and useful thread you've made, don't worry about your english, you're almost doing better then me... LoL...
  13. JX-Master

    JX-Master Affiliate affiliate

    Great Post ! Very useful info!
  14. Hridita mehzabin

    Hridita mehzabin Affiliate affiliate

    Wonderful and very informative one.I think it will helpful for those who want to succeed in CPA.
  15. Steve MaxBounty

    Steve MaxBounty Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    If I can add to this, I think that affiliates would see more success trying to find the methods that best suit them (based on their individual strengths, skill, knowledge, interests, etc.) rather than the easiest or quickest method.

    When starting your research into how to make money, read everything keeping in mind how you can tweak things to make them "yours". :)
  16. hagal

    hagal Affiliate affiliate

    Being creative is important in any kind of business. All those WSOs might work for authors, but imagine how many other doing the same thing after the author starts selling an ebook?

    I kinda agree, but the same time disagree. Copying the same exact method will not make you money. You always need to try to use the idea to create your own. Those ebooks can be used for that.
  17. dday500

    dday500 Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Affmen, CPA Marketing requires focus and persistence, without those traits, you’ll fail. To make money with CPA Marketing you must focus on more than one offer. Yes you can make money on one offer however, I was told to make the big bucks, that you hear the gurus talking about, you must expand your horizons and target multiple offers in multiple markets. Which is doable but the eBooks don’t teach focus and keeping track of everything, and that’s the issue. So don’t buy the EBooks those so called plans can and will derail your success. The only winners in those EBooks are the people selling them, no one else. If you’re not organized failure will be your plan. If you fail to plan properly, then you’re setting yourself up for a fall. That is why I took my time before I jumped in. I have seen different CPA offers and eBooks that were garbage and teach you nothing and on top of that they take your last dollar. The beauty of CPA FIX is here you get the truth. K lays out exactly what is needed to take action. Most people want the overnight success and don’t want to do the ground work that is needed to be successful. And believe me there is no ebook that can shortcut you to success. People fail because they rush in with nothing no real plan no creativity and a want it now attitude with an eBook that said I “IT HAPPENED OVERNIGHT 400K A MONTH”. You must be a highly organized person, and if you aren’t organized you set yourself up to lose. These Networks test your skill level before they let you in, for a reason. If you are not prepared to do what it takes to succeed, then don’t go into CPA Marketing, until you’re actually ready. Because it’s the big league and if your game is right JACKPOT, however, if your lazy not focused or if you’re not in the right frame of mind, no way you can succeed at CPA Marketing, and no ebook is going to tell you that … Great Post Thanks Cheers…

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