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Why having a team behind you is a must!

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Chris Porter, Oct 10, 2016.

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  1. Chris Porter

    Chris Porter Affiliate affiliate

    So after years of doing affiliate offers by myself, and just making enough $$$ to get by ... I realized in order to make thousands of dollars every month and become a "super affiliate" you need to have a team behind you running offers as well.

    Once you do this you can live the dream and kick your feet up and relax, instead of pulling your hair out everyday trying to accomplish everything by yourself.

    There are ways you achieve this very easy with just a little time and effort.

    You must find a good offer in which everyone would be able to easily sell or generate sign ups for.

    You then generate a landing page for each one of your employees. Each one looking alike. You can use a free wix site, and forward/masking it with with a cheap GoDaddy link. (Use cjc149s1 to get a .com for $0.99!)

    If you use MaxBounty Affiliate Network, then you will be able to create custom links for each affiliate on their own landing page. There is a sub affiliate id input under each offer. If you click help it will explain how to use it very well. s1=name & s2= amount you want to pay your affiliate.

    Once you have a team in place then you will be able to change offers at any time and track all of your "workers".

    Hope this helps everyone! Let me know you're thoughts and if you have any questions.

    Just remember... everything takes time.. If you can make $5 you can make $50,000!
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