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Why do I need to spend money from my offline business into IM?

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by dinabrokoth, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. dinabrokoth

    dinabrokoth The Fix'er! affiliate

    Hi all fixers,

    I wonder why do I always like to spend money IM world? Honestly speaking, I never ever earn from my online activities while I'm spending my offline business profits to it.

    Currently, I'm running local restaurants in my city. I love to be in the online world, but there are many reasons that prevent me from getting into this IM world.

    I'm from a third world, under developing country, Cambodia. Therefore, let assume that it's really hard for me to communicate in English. Even I spend without something back, but I like it as my hobby.

    Therefore, IMO the reasons that prevent me from earning bucks from IM world as follow:
    1- Time: If I take times to work in IM, I'll lost some profit from my offline business while venturing in online world.
    2- Language: As a non native English speakers, most of the time it is reallt difficult to join in the adventure of the online world.
    3- Knowledge: Low quality education and mind lead me to the blindness world so that I find it hard to think creatively.
    4- Laziness: As living condition here is too easy and friendly, I have many many friends who are always inviting me to join and have parties nearly every single day. In addition, I always come back with a drunken mind. I'm too lazy to take any actions online as a norm.

    Long story short, who know that online world is not suitable for the poor countries citizen like me. Sometimes, I want to earn as low as $1/day to inspired myself that IM really work for me. While messing about 12-14 hours per day with my offline business, it is not a living style that I want.

    Profiting about $2K-$6K per month from my business is not bad, but how could I sustain this 12-14 hours per day life? Anyways, this is just something that's really come into my mind and is the real situation of me.

    What do you think?
  2. terraleads
  3. joshuayip

    joshuayip Affiliate affiliate

    Your English is pretty good to me. I am from Malaysia :)
    IM can be very profitable and can be very risky. It depends what route you take. Some people just make WSO for a living and make bold claims which they have never done. Some sell you money making products. But I believe the people here focus on real businesses like lead generation and sales generation
    Your restaurant business also needs customers, and IM is ways you generate leads to ensure you got more customers coming your way. Of course the fun part of IM is not having to stick around in the restaurant for many hours. But before you can succeed in IM, I guess you also have to put in that many hours to learn. Learning is not evitable. However learning in this forum is much better than a lot of other forum. Make some friends, they probably show you a trick or two...
    Ok enough said, who wants to be my friend :D LOL

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