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WhooHOO! Forum Contest Update

Linda Buquet

WHOO-HOO! We are going to make our numbers for this forum thanks to EVERYONE'S help! That means I will get to give away some cash. I love paying out contest prizes to deserving winners! A few of you in particular you know who you are) have worked especially hard to help me build this forum. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

I have to admit when I started this forum and said "By Sept 5th, I want us to have at least 150 members and at least 200 posts - not counting my own" I was TOTALLY pulling numbers out of a hat. I didn't know how fast we could build this forum - there are lots of other great forums out there.

But you need to set a goal right? So that was the goal I set and I based this contest around it. Well I'm happy to report we only need 21 more posts and 42 more members for us to reach that goal. We only have about 25 days to go, so need less than 2 new members a day. We just had 3 new members join just this morning.

So it looks to me like we will make it, but we need to keep up the effort. Remember this is YOUR forum! It belongs to the "active" members that will help to shape it. Make your voice heard, talk about what's important to you and tell your friends to come and visit. (Remember the top referrer is one of the prizes!) ;)

Thanks all! We are very close and I know with your help we can make it.
(This prize money I set aside is burning a hole in my pocket!)