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Who Wants a Winning Campaign? Here it is :) - Instant Check Mate

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Jonathan Smith, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Ok so we brought on a new advertiser last week and we are happy to say that even before we brought on this advertiser we were running this offer and really killing it. When I say killing it I MEAN KILLING IT!

    So to get you started on this offer I am just going to say that you need to really do some research and work hard on finding an angle for this offer. Also, be sure to read the terms and the offer details for restrictions.

    I personally run this offer and do very well with it and have been running everyday for the last 3 weeks or so. I run on Google Adwords. The offer does good and profits almost every single run. There have been some days where it does not profit but I am trying to figure out what these trends are so that I can possibly just not run those days or maybe find an angle that works better for those bad days.

    STAY AWAY FROM WEEKEND RUNNING! I have not gotten any profit from weekend running. Not sure why but that is one trend I found and QUICK!

    It converts during the week Mon - Friday during the day.

    How to promote? Find an angle...The angle I take is checking on a special someone...people want to make sure that the person they are wanting to possibly marry is a good person and they may just be interested in knowing their past. Take this angle and you can find hundreds of keywords. I currently have 900 but I started with over 3,000. I took away the bad and worked my way down to the good.

    We have the offer on our network and it is paying a nice $24.00 per conversion. We are happy to go up after reviewing your traffic quality from the advertiser. They will do an audit for us if asked so let us know you want a bump if you have already gotten about 10 to 15 conversions.

    Promoting this offer is easy, you just have to really research for a large list of background check keywords. Read the terms of the campaign because there are just a few restrictions.

    Ok so I will be updating this thread as I get more details...so far it is too soon to really post much but I have already given away my angle on the offer.

    Also note: we have no way of knowing your keyword information or anything about your campaign except your domain or referral link. We are not interested in stealing your data. I am already making $5k to $20k per week so I do not need your data. There are ways to cloak referrer and subid's especially if you are using prosper and I do recommend you taking advantage of that feature. Not all networks are as transparent. I can say that a lot of them are from my experience. You are welcome to run this offer on any network. They usually have the same payout but I can guarantee ours to be better than any network after reviewing the quality of the traffic you send to us.

    I will report back soon

    I had to collect more data. Here is what I have left as far as converting keywords. Some of these keywords are junk still just have to test more. It is still a bit early so I will leave all of you with this information to download and start your own testing.

    I have profited about $100 bucks on the offer so far. I am still working on the lander and my angle so I cannot say that it will profit as it sits. These keywords are what I have left out of over 3,000 so this should be a really good start for those of you who know what you are doing.

    If you want to run this offer...consider running with us. We can work out a weekly payment plan if you prove your quality within the first couple of days.

    So download this list and even see my CTR and all that good info: http://leadsmack.com/docs/icmshare.xlsx

    Sign up here to run this offer: Login - Leadsmack Media

    Need a pay bump? Just ask for it when you see about $100 in conversions.
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  2. newbidder
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    So your cloaking on adwords?

    cool - very interesting thread, i wish more networks did this!

    Also some stats and screenshots would be very inspiring to our members

    thanks Jon.
  4. Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Coming VERY soon brotha...glad to help the peeps of CPAFix.com
  5. mtmjohn

    mtmjohn Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Good stuff Jon. Keep more coming :)
  6. Jesse

    Jesse Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Nice! Can't wait for the update! :D
  7. Trameil Ellis

    Trameil Ellis Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    you're cloaking on adwords using prosper to blank the referrer?

    I am SO totally lost on cloaking. I've never used adwords in fear of an insta-ban... although I know that's where the GOOD money is as far as PPC goes.
  8. DanTe_0101

    DanTe_0101 Affiliate affiliate

    3 days and no update?
    OP please update us
  9. Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Data takes time, I am working on a few pieces for everyone. I want to have them all together so that this offer is not getting flooded with competition. I will be sharing facebook info, PPC and PPV.

    Will update soon...
  10. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Anymore info or stats mate? Atm this is purely a plug for your offer!
  11. tac88

    tac88 Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you fro sharing this great post!
    I am going to give back to you!

    When I have a proven offer that is converting and when I relay want to blow it up
    I put a ad in nation wide newspapers advertising !

    Thrifty Nickel /American Classifieds Weeklies
    Not A Affiliate Link

    It's offline but if your offer is proven it will kill it with them!
    I am not affiliated with them at all!
    Just make sure with your AM that is okay to run it there!

    I have had great success with them !
    Best regards
  12. joshuayip

    joshuayip Affiliate affiliate

    nice share. thanks!
  13. Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I am now updating the first post with keywords and information...

    Get it soon because I may take it down due to competition...
  14. Trameil Ellis

    Trameil Ellis Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    thanks for the update. Gonna throw some MSN traffic at it, see what it does.

    edit: whoops. No direct linking on my networks. The holidays have left me too drained to buy a domain right now. :(
  15. Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Consider running with us, I will help you on the landing page.
  16. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Any stats on this mate? Are you cloaking on Adwords?
  17. motavi

    motavi Affiliate affiliate

    looks like the keywords are gone...

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