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Where we can learn affiliate marketing ?



You are in the right place now, you can check out good blogs and forums related to marketing, and learn on folks experience right there, and also on their reviews on the platform.


It's tough to learn everything when you just starting. You'll need to have an idea first on what is it then depending on your level of knowdlege you'll branch out to more options. I suggest you look around youtube videos that are more than 20 min.


Visit forums,read blogs regularly and this is good place to learn affiliate marketing.But also you should take action then you will get results.


There are various paid guides available in the internet search you will get it. Go with affilorama or nichepie to get close details.


Where we can learn affiliate marketing through online?

There are plenty of places that provide the training, but most require you to pay to learn or pay a mentor to teach you. Personally that approach isn't realistic when first starting out. The best thing to look for are affiliate programs that are geared towards helping those who are new to affiliate marketing and treat them like employees and provide clearly explained steps that you need to do. On the downside, there a very few programs that offer this type of training.

To give an example. Say you find an affiliate program you would like to promote. Like Cat supplies or whatever.

So the steps to take for this is to turn to google and search Cat Forums, Cat Blogs, Cat Q&A or any type of social media group that focuses on just cats. This is considered your top level Niche, Which is a little to general. So take a few steps to narrow things down. Say you want to promote just organic cat food.

Now that you are already know where to find everything related to cats and what you want to talk about

the next step is to find a place to talk about about it, Which is where a blog comes in handy.
As a tip. When writing your articles, they don't necessarily need to be just about organic cat food. Just make sure your affiliate link is somewhere in the side bar or embedded in the article.

Since this focuses on content, you would need to learn about keyword research. Here are the free tools I absolutely love. if you have chrome or firefox install keywords every. when you install it, theyll email you an api key, just grab that and slap it in the extension. Now ever time you search you will see the search volume cpc and competition.

But don't use google or bing for this. Instead use

which helps when writing high quality articles that relate to your content. then go through your article and see where you can slip in those keywords and phrases.

There are a bunch of other great paid resources out there that provide much more features.

Another thing to keep in mind is your headline. One great free tool to use is just put in a topic and click submit then it'll give you some headlines that are already optimized for you.

This is just the basics, but should help point you in the right direction.

If you need help let me know.


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This is a great place to learn the basics.

Personally, I believe that AffiliateFix is one of the best (if not the best) affiliate marketing forums on the internet.

If you're willing to make an investment, then there are other good places, too.

I could recommend my own coaching program, but that wouldn't be cool I guess (kkk)... So, I'll recommend another place, StackThatMoney. You'll find more advanced things there, but if you're willing to put in the time and effort, I have no doubt that you'll get a ton of value from your membership.

I hope it helps you!


I would have to agree that thit AffiliateFix is awesome! Having access to guides and follow-alongs is great.

I'm also new to affiliate marketing, so I don't know if my recommendation really means much :) But, I'm currently going through Charles Ngo's free online guide, and I've been very impressed with how thorough it is: #1 Affiliate Marketing Website |

Good luck!