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Where to promote pharmacy products?


you may try social media as it is very common to promote nutra products on social media.
pharmacy and nutra can be considered similar.


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Hello @Khanh Nguyen,
one of the best ways is to create your own source connected to this specific topic. Website + social media, for example, a fanpage on Facebook. Many publishers promote nutra offers this way and it's bringing the desired results.

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Most pharmacy 'products' I see are in my spam box :p
If you are talking about licensed pharmacies that require doctor's prescriptions --that is a different area altogether.


Pharmaceutical advertisement is usually a controversial topic. It's common to see meds promoted on TV, where the targeted audience spends the most time. Though, it is healthier when your personal healthcare provider lets you know what prescription is better. So affiliating with primary care may be beneficial in the long run. When dealing with a problem like a type 2 diabetes, your doctor may give you a prescription for anti-diabetics by sending you to their affiliate online pharmacy, like Glifor 1000 mg to give you proper care.
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Shoppers look to pharmacies for their trusted health care providers, medications, and products. Here are some places to promote pharmacy products and services:

1) in-store flyer and/ or ad: display a pharmacy flyer or ad in the store or at the check-out. Put up an ad on the wall near the pharmacy product displays. Put an ad in the customer service area or break room.

2) on your website: include a link to your pharmacy. You can also create a page specifically for pharmacy products and services (i.e., 'pharmacy'). Include product links, customer reviews, price comparisons, coupon codes, and more!

3) social media have a social media presence for your pharmacy (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Include pics of pharma products and related content, such as customer reviews and shopping tips.

4) in e-newsletters: send out an e-newsletter exclusively about pharmacy products and services. Include product links, coupons, special offers, customer reviews, and more!

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I think the best place would be social media, especially Instagram. Or, you can create a fan page on Facebook. If you have your own website, you can post content on social media, and then link it to your website.


Hmm, a pretty good question. But why do you need to promote certain pharmaceutical products? Why don't you make a website with these products that you can promote on Google? We all realize that Google is the best and most effective promotion platform. Thus, if you make your website and include these products and promote the website correctly, you will have sales quickly. I took care of the promotion of this online pharmacy -, and this pharmacy obtained a very large profit in a short time. And this is thanks to google.
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