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Where shall I begin.......

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by serialclicks, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. serialclicks

    serialclicks Affiliate affiliate

    Ok, in 2009 I began to get into Affiliate Marketing. I ended up finding my own product and opened online and retail in San Francisco. Have done very well with it. Built the entire business from a Facebook Page, Ads, a list and Sponoring a few 49er games...

    Last month a friend of mine who stayed on track promoting offers said, "Dude, you should get back into it...."
    Ok, so I will.
    I joined a few good forums and had a few old courses PPV-CPA-Media Buying Formulas now Somos and bought a few relevant tools....
    Ok great, wonderful..... Just wondering a few things.
    1 - Where would you start? Mobile? PPV? CPC? etc.....
    2 - Money isnt the problem and I do believe I have the basic knowledge down which comes down to "Testing" "Taking Action" and stayiong with it.....
    3 - An awesome group of people here to bounce things off of......
    Where would you begin if money wasnt an issue, you had the time & had basic knowledge of the basics of two to three areas of Marketing.
    When people say get into mobile is that meaning "Media Buys" which are mobile optimized? Mobile Banner Ads? CPI's?

    Shine the light and I will be very grateful.....

    A newbie not really, just new to running ads and offers of other products and methods which I have not done for my own products.
    Any help would be, RAD!
  2. terraleads
  3. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    1. PPC, study the information of all keyword you're targeting, that gives you greater knowledge than you can expect from other traffic source.

    Stick with PPC and I did say try stick with health niche, yes the competition there is great, and because of it, it gives you greater information on how your competition promote, how's their approach with their ad copy, marketing strategy etc.

    Mobile marketing, they do not mean by media buying.
  4. ringpartner

    ringpartner Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I'd focus your effort towards mobile marketing, since that's where the growth is. There is still traffic on desktops, but everything is shifting to mobile and you'll want to build something that will be around in 2-3 years.

    Best of luck!
  5. serialclicks

    serialclicks Affiliate affiliate

    Ok, you seem pretty awesome as you took the time to answer! THANKS!
    Well I have two questions...
    1. Mobile, can you explain? I understand the fundamentals of running mobile but the question is what Veticals? Mobile Game Instals? Media BUying optimized for mobile? PPV Mobile? .... What a good vertical to start with? I dont have the whole understanding of mobile down... I am not a newbie to advertising, just a newbie to mobile advertising. Whats a good traffic source to run with? A few sample offers just to grasp. Nothing crazy... POF for Mobile? etc...

    2. Whats the best research site to use? WhatGoesWhere? SocialAdNinjaBoxOfAds?
  6. ringpartner

    ringpartner Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    1. Mobile - Well, I'm biased towards running mobile pay per call, since that's what we do. But, the reason I suggested mobile is because it's a growing marketplace, unlike desktops. So, it doesn't matter too much where you focus, app installs, pay per call, mobile display, etc. But, I would focus on something you're familiar with, or that you feel you have some insights. Check out some of the mobile RTB networks or try mobile search marketing.

    2. Best research site - I'd recommend What Runs Where, but only because I've used it. Never user the others. You can try Keyword Spy as well.

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